Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – 15 July 2012

Here we are, the middle of July, and it is still raining! Occasionally the sun has broken through and when that happens it is really quite warm and actually feels like summer. My garden is like a bog, the lawn squelches when I walk on it and there is lying water on the flower beds.

As previous posts will have shown, the snails and slugs are making a feast of anything and everything in their path. Due to the lack of sunshine all the flowers are very slow to appear. I had hoped to fill this post with wonderful and colourful blooms but sadly have failed.

The roses are looking very sorry for themselves and the majority of them have decided not to flower again which is disappointing and I hope they change their minds soon.

The poppies are in tight bud as though they are afraid to take their jackets off, that is the poppies that are left standing of course, because several of them have been turned into sticks courtesy of the resident gastropods.

However, let’s be cheerful about this. There are plants that are loving this weather, one of which is the Hydrangea in the front garden, which has blooms on it bigger than your head.

I bought a Clematis Jouiania Praecox several years ago which grows on the side wall through the Compassion rose, it has tiny blue flowers and always looks impressive. This year it is rampant, so clearly another plant loving the rain.

The Daylily has also decided to flower, having been in bud for several weeks. I can’t remember what it is called but it is a pretty apricot colour and I wish I had a few more.

There are a number of other plants on the verge of blooming and had we had more sun recently would be adding lots of colour to the garden. As you will see looking at these photos, it is rare to capture blooms at the moment without raindrops on them.

Finally, below is a photograph of the bottom flower bed, with the Agapanthus, which is looking splendid this year, and the Ballerina Rose behind it.   The Astrantia is still blooming happily and the Spirea is adding much needed colour to the border.   The Cleome have tiny little buds on them so with a bit of luck, come the August GBBD I will be able to fill the post with glorious blooms.

The weather is different all around the world at the moment and there are places in the USA that have had temperatures way above the norm and very little rain. I will be interested to read all the other Garden Bloggers Bloom Day posts to see how everyone is fairing in this peculiar year for weather.

Thank you Carol of May Dream Gardens for hosting this meme, which is a great way to keep a photographic diary throughout the years. Happy GBBD everyone.

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22 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – 15 July 2012

  1. Your blooms are lovely! Our poor gardens are looking very tired here in SC, especially since we were visiting family in Europe for two weeks. They are punishing me for their neglect by refusing to show many blooms. Your clematis is lovely–I don’t know that variety, but I think I need to! Happy GBBD to you!


  2. Oh for some of your rain! This year is playing with the gardener’s mind… highs and lows on a daily basis as one plant lives while another dies… it’s a very tough year here in the upper midwest and I am thankful for whatever manages to survive this strange year… Larry


  3. So you have my hydrangea blossoms…terrible crazy spring weather followed by the heat and drought has continued to stress the garden. I am showing blooms tomorrow that happened a week or so ago before the drought really took hold…leaves are dropping off the trees and looking brown…your grass is squishing and ours is crunching and brown…I adore the flowers showing their stuff in your garden.


  4. My hydrangea are wonderful as well, in fact they were used as emergency bridesmaid’s bouquets yesterday when my daughter was chief bridesmaid and their bouquets didnt turn up!


  5. I think you’re being extremely noble about all the rain 🙂 Interesting that nigella likes the rain. May become a staple flower in my garden in the weather continues…..


    1. Hi Kate thanks for calling by. Not sure about nigella liking the rain but I do know that slugs and snails don’t seem to like them as they are one flower that hasn’t been eaten, yet!


  6. Same picture here – just different blooms 🙂 Fav bloom has to be your phlox. Nice planting in your border – I like 🙂

    Now Agapanthus is a plant I have consider often but would probably need to be a pot for me so it could survive winter. Like you photo montagess – nice way to name plants too. Happy GBBD 😀


    1. Agapanthus is a fabulous plant to grow in pots. Keep it near a house wall in the winter and wrap the pot in fleece or bubble wrap and it should see you through the winter. Deciduous ones are actually hardier than the evergreen varieties.


  7. Wet, but beautiful!
    I love the way you have arranged and presented the photos.
    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!
    Have a blessed Sunday!
    Lea’s Menagerie
    Mississippi, USA


  8. Ronnie that border is looking so well despite all the rain. I’m sure once there’s a little sunshine those Cleome will be out in flower (been years since I grew that from seed). Your astrantia and hydrangea will be loving all the rain and I think Spirea can cope with just about anything.

    I wonder if your daylily is called ‘Pink Damask’ as mine is an apricot colour though it’s just sitting here sulking with buds that refuse to open.


    1. I’ll be catching up this evening on the GBBD posts in one fell swoop this evening and seeing how everyone is coping with the rain. I grew the cleome from seed this year for the first time and although it said they grow to about 6ft mine are amere 12inches and beginning to flower so it’ll be interesting to see how high they do grow. I’ll look up pink damask and compare with mine.


  9. I can see, the Hydrangea is glorious! Don’t fret, the sun will come back again, and think how happy all those plants will be, having had a really deep deep watering!

    I’m so glad I popped in today, because I didn’t know about Bloom Day – wonderful – even if I’ve only got a pocket handkerchief of garden at the moment. Thanks:)


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