I started to write a blog, just for fun, to chart the 6 months to my 60th birthday and called it called “Hurtling towards 60“. Blogging has now become a part of my life and when I hit 60 I amended the title to “Hurtled to 60 and now Beyond” because I love writing and knowing that there are people out there who enjoy my blog, some even subscribe so they don’t miss posts.

I gain great pleasure in writing about my garden and life’s little events plus as the blog evolved I discovered a love of photography.  I was lucky enough to be given a Nikon D3100 camera and the photographs in this blog now chart my learning curve from Auto only to Manually adjusting the apertures and focus to achieve beautiful photographs. There will also be posts about my garden, occasionally some about my friends and family.

UPDATE:  After over 50 years working, on the 25th January 2018 I retired!   The blog title has made even longer now – “Hurtled to 60 and now Beyond into Retirement

I hope you enjoy reading the blog, looking at the photos and please visit regularly.

Please read the story behind the blog title: “Keep Calm Dear You Are Only 60

All images for this blog taken by the author are copyright and reproduction is prohibited. Please do not plagiarise anything I have written or any photographs I have taken.

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  1. Hi Ronnie. I am enjoying the e-mails and blogs from you and love the gardening bits and pieces. We have only been in the U.K.for going on 11 years and of course the gardening and many plants are new to us. We feel that we would ideally like to have many more “native” plants in the garden to benefit the wildlife, particularly bees. Your photographs are just lovely!

  2. I am so enjoying reading your blog and, although I’m sure you already have one of these, I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Please see my post ‘Thank You! The Versatile Blogger Award’ for more details.

  3. Thanks for blogging about 60 and providing a “home’ for the rest of us. I can empathize with so much in your posts. Work was killing me emotionally and physically. 60 is going to be a year of change for me. I am packing up my middle class, suburban life in “big oil” Calgary, where I feel like a wildflower trapped in a commercial greenhouse. I’m moving to the coast of British Columbia, in a location so remote it takes two ferries to get there. I’m lucky to have a small but adequate pension which will meet my simple needs. I will be able to grow my own food and surround myself with flowers. I’m hopeful and anxious. I will be returning to your blog regularly for inspiration.

  4. Likewise, I rarely write on my blog about my day job. Blogville is my place to explore my obsessions & get away from the day job! Am reading this via iPhone, but am about to be your latest follower!

  5. It sounds like we have a few things in common, although I am only hurtling towards 55, which is bad enough in my book.

    I love gardening and photography as well. I just read your post about the Coast Guard and am trying to figure out where your other blog is.

    1. Hi Christine thank you for leaving such lovely comments. I am sorry you had trouble figuring out where the new blog is. It is all too easy to assume things and I have made it a little clearer, I hope.

  6. Hi Ronnie! Love your blog. Do you happen to have an email address we could contact you on? Just a quick enquiry about a book review

  7. I am hurtling towards 60 also. September for me. I don’t feel 60 at all, I still feel like a little kid. I believe I will enjoy visiting here.. I found you on the Weekly Photo Challenge post at Daily WordPress.

  8. Hello!

    We are 2 cats who blog ~ and every Thursday Alfie (the grey) does a gardening post. You are welcome to visit us. BTW, our mom is 58 going on 59 and she said don’t worry about your age. It’s what you are inside that matters, not how many years old you are!

    Purrs from Milo (age 3) and Alfie (age 2)

  9. You sound like an amazing person! I had a similar experience this year when I realized I have an ever-growing to-do list that I wasn’t crossing off, and I would turn the big 3-0 this year. (Which I know isn’t old, but it can still be a shock to the system.) So, like you, I decided to set off on the quest to try to accomplish more of those things, and the result has been two blogs – a life’s list blog, and one where I am improving my photography skills.

    I think your blog will be an inspiration to me on both of those journeys, and I also hope that when I’m approaching the big 6-0, I am as fun and adventurous as you! Thanks for sharing, and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    1. Thank you for such lovely words, that is really kind of you. It is so satifying to have a blog that is appreciated by others. I have visited your blog which is fabulous – love your photos.

  10. Keep the positive attitude… 60 is just a number… it’s all in your head…. refuse to never grow up totally… it will help. Blessings to you. Nice blog. Am going to go check some of your pics… I love photography too and share some of mine on my blog.

    Have a great week….Kevin

  11. Just read your post on the wedding and then clicked over to learn a little more about you. I was delighted to see that we share a birthday and just one year apart, too! I will be 59 on July 1. Look forward to reading more about the time leading up to your birthday!

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