A new job for me and a new home for my Orchid

Those who follow my blog will know that at the beginning of February, my job was announced as being redundant from 30 April.  It threw me into a great panic, and subsequent depression, as you can imagine.  I am now out of my slough of despond and am happy to be able to tell you that the redundancy has been mitigated and I start a new job, within the same firm, as from Monday.  The interview for the job was 3 weeks ago but, because others were also in the consultation process, I had to wait until Tuesday this week to know if I was successful.  It’s such an enormous relief and after several weeks of not knowing what was going to happen and effectively being out of control of events in my life, it still feels somewhat surreal.  I have to forego my 20 minute walk to work  (it is in another office), for a long train journey which will entail either 1 or 2 changes depending on the time, taking 1 hour 10 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes, again dependant on which train I manage to catch.  All of this will be ok if I am happy in the job and I really hope that it works out, which I am sure it will.

The one biggest thing about leaving one office and moving to another, or just leaving your place of work, is going through the drawers and sorting out what you want to throw or keep.  The shoes from my “Imelda Marcos drawer” I brought home with me and I boxed up all the items I wanted moved to the new office.   With a bit of luck it will be there waiting for me on Monday.  My comfortable chair has been claimed by a friend and colleague.  I wanted to take it with me, but was told by Facilities that I was not allowed to have it shipped to the new office, it is blue and all the chairs there are green, so that told me!

Having cleared everything, I was left with my beautiful Orchid.  In January wrote about the surprising second blooming of the Orchid I was given as a birthday present in July.  It is now bursting with blooms and really looking wonderful.  The dilemma was:

  • should I bring it home and find a place where it will be happy?  This worries me because I have never been able to grow Orchids at home,
  • do I bequeath it to my colleagues with the hope they will look after it?  This would be fine if they were not moving office at the end of April. So it would lose its happy home eventually.
  • do I take it to the new office?  I don’t fancy it’s chances of survival on a busy rush hour train with loud cries from me of “Mind my Orchid please!”.

As I sat at my desk looking at my Orchid, trying to decide what to do, I was fascinated by the intricacy of the flowers and made the decision that I would bring it home and nurture it here.  It is on a table in front of the bay window, but the lighting is not the same as that in the office so only time will tell – fingers crossed.

Just in case I am not so lucky for a third flowering I took some photos of it this morning.

Is there no wonder that people become Orchid collectors and growers, I think it is delightful.

There are now three things that I am hoping for:

  1. That the new job is everything I want;
  2. The Orchid continues to flourish; and
  3. The trains run to time.

I will miss the early morning potter in my garden before I walk to work but I am sure I can manage and the garden won’t suffer.  It will just have to be an evening potter instead.  We can’t always have everything can we.


  1. Hope it’s going ok on day 3. Love the orchid photos – we’re missing it on your desk (and you, of course!) Linda xxx


  2. I wish you well with the new job. I am hoping, like you, that the orchid will continue to display it’s magnificent beauty. These photographs are wonderful. Thankfully, orchids flowers last a long time, and when they produce new flowering stems you know you have the conditions right. Good light, no direct sun, don’t let it stand in water, and spray the flowers and foliage with water about once a week. And don’t over feed. I love them. Thank you for the pingback and I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful orchid.


  3. Congratulations, Ronnie! Thank you for sharing the wonderful news and the gorgeous orchid photos! Your orchid could be your good company in a new work place.


  4. Congrats on the new job Ronnie, and I’m glad to hear you are taking that beautiful orchid home with you, it seems the best choice. I hope you can find the right place at home for it to continue blooming as it has at the office, as I know it has given you much delight. They truly are a stunning flower, and I can see why some people become collectors and growers of this very special flower.
    Good luck to you.


  5. Glad to read that you’re not redundant! I think that moniker depresses anyone who has experienced it.

    How about taking an extra trip during non-rush-hour times solely to transport your orchid. I love your photos, and can not take a decent photo of one. They look cannibalistic or akin to Venus Flytrap. Your photos detail grace and beauty.

    Here’s to your fresh start!


  6. An evening potter suits me better. Working in Switzerland I commuted by train, was wonderful, I could read, or knit, or have a chunk of clear time to plan projects.

    I hope your new job will be everything you hope for, and a little more, a cherry on top!


  7. Congrats on the new job! Too bad about the commute but what a great time to use for reading and such. As for the orchid…take it with your to the new job. It will brighten the whole transition experience. If you were to give it to someone, it could die (for example if it were given to someone like me–it’d be a goner). And you already know it may not make it at your home. It is gorgeous, btw.


  8. Hi Ronnie – the photos worked brilliantly – the beauty of one special orchid now safe for posterity whatever the real life version decides to do.


  9. Ronnie I am so happy things seem to be working out…I wish you all 3. When I had to change jobs, I was 3 years from retirement. I now have to travel 1 hour both ways by car half the year in bad weather for the new job. I too became an evening gardener and it is fine as you say, “as long as I like the job”. Here’s to a wonderful Monday on your new journey……


  10. Congratulations on your new job, you must be so pleased! So glad you are taking your orchid home with you, I’m sure it will be happy there in a light spot without direct sunlight, mine are!! It must be a great relief to you that your future is settled and I’m sure you will soon get into a new routine with your train journeys, fingers crossed!


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