Quick Thinking Saves the Day – 100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups Week #19

For this week,  we were asked to concentrate on one particular style of writing – dialogue.     Julia was very generous allowing us to use up to 158 words  including the  prompt:

…’Are you sure it should be that colour?’ …. 


“Brian, before you open the door I need to explain.”

“What have you done now Joe?”

“Well, you know she wanted the same paint we used for the Marco job?”

“Hmm, get to the point.”


“Joe, you numpty!  That’s not Cook’s Blue.  She’s going to go ballistic.”

“Yeah, okay, but how do we sort it?”

“Use a thin coat of Milky Manilla?”

“No Brian, I tried that and it went a mucky shade.”

“We could lighten it with Pale Calamine.”

“Tried that too, that’s when it turned purple.”

“How did you manage to get it to look khaki?”

“Sidney suggested a water wash of Ripe Melon.”

“Too late, I can hear her coming up the stairs.”

“Blimey Brian, we are toast.”

“Good afternoon boys.”

“What do you think of the front door, then?”

“Are you sure it should be that colour?”

“It’s a bespoke shade,  we designed especially for you.”

“I absolutely love it!”

“Thank you,  Autumn.”

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20 thoughts on “Quick Thinking Saves the Day – 100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups Week #19

  1. What a great conversation! It was very clever of you to tie it all up with her name & I loved the variety of colours they made whilst trying to get back to the correct one. Just shows what a bit of flattery can do!


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