Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Journey (from seedling to scented posy)

The WordPress Dailypost Weekly Challenge is always announced on a Friday – this week the word was JOURNEY. The starter post shows a photo of a train station and talks about a train station being the beginning and the end for many people. We are asked share a picture of what JOURNEY means to us. It is not necessary that a JOURNEY should depict travelling by boats and planes or trains. In fact when you look at the contributions this week there is a lot of lateral thinking and some very interesting interpretations of what JOURNEY means to people.

As my blog is generally garden based and matters in and around that subject, I have decided to show another type of JOURNEY and that is the one that a seed travels through its short life from seed to flower.

My sweet peas start their JOURNEY nurtured indoors in toilet roll tubes and root trainers.

When they are a little larger their JOURNEY takes them to a new home, outside into the greenhouse:
Once the weather is free from frost, they are moved again a little further along in the JOURNEY, out into the garden:
Once in their final home, they spread their roots and continue their JOURNEY in the growth cycle and start to produce lots and lots of buds and leaves and tendrils to climb up the trellis:
With warmth, sunshine and water throughout their JOURNEY the wonderful sweet pea then repays all the kindness and care it has received by bursting into the most heavenly scented blooms.
The final part of the sweet pea JOURNEY is from the plant to the flower vase to make a beautiful posy:
This is the JOURNEY of the Cupani sweet pea I grew last year. I hope you enjoyed it!