My Garden Right Now

When Michelle Chapman at Veg Plotting said she wanted to start a new on-line project asking us to show what our gardens are like the weekend of 4/5 March, straightaway I put my hand up and said “Yes please!”.   Then I fell at the first hurdle and failed to post on my blog during the weekend.  I hope I am forgiven for being a day late.

Nothing has changed since Sunday, these photos were taken first thing Monday morning.  I can’t wait to take the covers off the garden tables and sit in the warm sunshine, but sadly not yet.   It has been so wet, the lawn is like a quagmire as I squelched my way to the bottom of my small garden to take a photo from an angle I don’t usually use.  I stood at the back of the end flowerbed, and didn’t notice the green stick in the viewer!  The sticks and chicken wire are meant to be a deterrent from foxes, cats and squirrels but don’t work.  I am seriously contemplating buying a sonic scarer, but have bought cat repellant spray to see if that works.

The tulips are slowly making an appearance and the daffodils are beginning to produce a bit of colour in the garden. There is a Ribes to the right of the photo which is covered in tiny little pink buds and the forsythia at the bottom of the garden also has yellow buds on it.

This little bed has always had raspberries, but this year, I have filled it full of spring bulbs.  The iris reticula were a little late  and only 6 flowered and they are nearly over.  When I see photos of my garden, it brings home how much tidying up and work is necessary.  This is my ‘untidy’ corner.

These pots are packed with tulip and daffodil bulbs and are a joy to see out of the kitchen window.  If I look carefully into the leaves there are a few tulips ready to shoot up some flower stems in a couple of weeks.

This is the side patio from the other end.  I have sweet peas and dahlias cooking nicely in the little greenhouse.  The large pot is wedged in front of the greenhouse with a few bricks inside, to prevent it from blowing over in the wind.

A short post  but this is my garden right now.

A blossom walk to work

We can all admit to driving from A to B and not remembering how we got there.  This also happens when doing the same walk every day.  We are so wrapped up in our own thoughts we take for granted what is around us and just do not notice it anymore.  When I did my Last Winter Walk to the Seaside with my camera it made me realise how lovely the tree lined road was and how odd the Olive trees were in the park.  Sometimes it is good just to stand still and look at a local scene as though you were a stranger.  You will be surprised at what you will see and what you might not have noticed before – what is the saying “looking at things through fresh eyes”.  

Following my pictorial walk to the sea, I do now try to be more observant when out and about.   Also I take my camera with me everywhere.  It is a little digital Fuji FinePix, nothing grand and I wouldn’t dare call myself a photographer, anymore than call myself a doctor just because I can remove splinters, but I am learning how to take better photos. 

This morning I took photos of all the different types of blossom I passed on my walk to work.  I didn’t have to go far, the first blossom was the wonderful Skimmia by my garden gate, I love the combination of berries and blossom.  The red, white and green always makes me think this plant would be better blooming at Christmas. 



 As I looked to my left, I saw the wonderful frothy quince blossom, looking fantastic this year.  I feel there will be a need to knock on my neighbour’s door and lots of quince jelly being made later.



 I did ignore forsythia and bergenia – sorry if you think these should be included in a Spring Blossom walk.  Although there is nothing wrong with them and they are all part and parcel of Spring I find them uninspiring and absolutely everywhere.   Having said that so is Ribes but that comes in different shades, such as this very pretty pink one.  I had a lovely Ribes once called “Porky Pink” I have not been able to find it again.

Pretty pink Ribes
I am useless at remembering when things flowered the year earlier.  Some people say with great confidence “Oh the blossom is much earlier this year” but if the truth be known, I haven’t a clue when it all came into flower last year.   I have noticed that the magnificant magnolia seems to be flowering at different stages.  The one by my mother is almost out, and the one I passed this morning was in bud, but nevertheless it is a great sight.
There were some other lovely blossom trees but they were in front gardens and at 8:30 in the morning I was acutely aware of:  “Daddy, there is a strange lady taking photos of our tree/house”, so I whimped out.
My last photo is of a blossom tree that appears to be in abundance in Worthing but it is pretty so I couldn’t miss it out,  it was in the garden of a block of flats so I felt a little braver.  I had to stop there it was getting late so I had to get a wriggle on.  I hope next time you go from A to B you remember and notice what is around you.

Spring is bursting out all over – Its all too easy to miss the blossom

It’s been a bad week at work,  I am glad that tomorrow is Friday and I can put it behind me.  It  won’t, however, be a good couple of weeks for some of my work colleagues.  One of our offices had the sudden news of unexpected redundancies delivered on Monday – it has left us reeling with shock.  It is such a horrible feeling of helplessness when friends are about to lose their jobs.  Our office went through it last year.  There is never a good time to hear this unwelcome news, we were told on the 4 January 2010, “Happy New Year, and five of you are on notice of redundancy”.  It sends ripples of discontent and uncertainty throughout the troops.  No matter how it is delivered, it comes like the axe that it is.

The blossom tree outside our office

On a lighter note, we didn’t win the Lotto Triple Rollover on Wednesday either, so my plans to walk away from my job without a backwards glance and start a little garden business have gone back on the shelf for a while.

I have posted a photo of the blossom tree just outside our office.  I come in and out several times a day and for days I didn’t notice it.   I was feeling sad for my colleagues and it took me until today to actually see this beautiful tree in full blossom.  

It is easy to lose sight of the positives in life when unpleasant things happen and these are times it is necessary to take stock of the good things that are around us.   It is getting lighter each evening and those of us stuck in an office all day will soon be spending several hours after work pottering in  the garden or our allotments.   Winter officially ends on 17th March and the clocks go forward one hour on the 27th March – Hoorah!!

Spring is about to burst through.  I took a much needed wander around my garden when I got home tonight.  It’s hard to describe the excitement of noticing a previously dormant plant bursting with buds.  Any gardener reading this will know exactly the emotion I am talking about.   It’s a sense of relief that it has made it through the winter, coupled with joy and warmth of seeing new life.

After all these years, Spring still never ceases to amaze me.  Buds appear over night and since Saturday the following has happened:-


the Clematis has sprouted leaves,    


 The roses are full of buds;

 The Pulmonaria is bursting into life; and

 the Forsythia is glowing yellow.  

Now isn’t that magic and surely enough to make you want to smile?  Smiling makes you feel much better about life in general.  Take a walk and notice all the wonderful things that are happening at the moment.  Spring has sprung – well very nearly!

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