Six on Saturday 19/01/2013 (2019)

If you’re very observant you will notice the date – 19th January 2013.  Yes, 6 years ago, why?  I’m taking you back in time!

I told myself in 2019 I would not miss a Six on Saturday, a blog meme run every Saturday on The Propagator blog.   I have no excuse to fall at the third post, so with nothing to use for today’s post, this evening I trawled through my old posts to find one dated the 19th January, in any year, relevant to gardening. The closest I could get was the 18th January 2013 from my old garden in Worthing when it snowed!   I have edited it to remove a lot of the written word, just leaving you to view snowy garden photos taken 6 years ago this weekend.  


18 January 2013‘We Have Snow’

Here in the South of England on the Sussex Coast, we may get snow for a few days during the winter months.   The last heavy snow that hung around for days was in 2010.   Today, true to the forecasted weather (which we often take with a pinch of salt), it started to snow earlier this morning and now, mid-day, it is quite deep – for us anyway.  I suspect it is about 3 to 4 inches deep at the moment and it’s still snowing.

DSC_0366 (1024x639)
I love the way that snow changes the shape of things.  For example the bamboo cloches now look like little snow domes.
DSC_0358 (1024x678)
The garden looks very pretty in its white snowy overcoat.
DSC_0359 (1024x683)
DSC_0357 (1024x683)
Skimmia berries

DSC_0353 (1024x683)

And of course, there has to be snowdrops.

Please take a peek over the garden fence to view the other contributions to Six on Saturday

Six on Saturday – 29/12/2018

It is quite a challenge to find ideas for Six on Saturday at this time of the year. The allotment is dormant (with some waterlogged paths) and the patio containers look just as they did a few weeks ago. However, all is not lost!

I live in a Hampshire harbour village which is part of several Chichester Harbour inlets and home to retired and weekend sailors, with not just one but two sailing clubs. It is no surprise to find not only boats in front gardens during the winter months, but also wooden dinghies along the main road filled with colourful annuals during the summer months and grasses, pansies and wallflowers in the winter.

These lovely boat planters are cared for by local residents with the help of donations and community grants. The Emsworth in Bloom team also plant up displays around the Mill Pond area, including hanging troughs on the bridge.

I know they also had a massive bulb planting session so I’m certain they will look magnificent in the spring.

So this is my short Six on Saturday post hosted by The Propagator . The next one will be next year in 2019 – Happy New Year everyone.