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Popular 2012 Posts: Day 2 February 2012

I thought with the run up to Christmas I would re-blog my most popular (and favourite) blog posts of 2012.   I have had so many new readers and followers throughout the year, both them and new first time readers may like to have a chance to re-read or see past posts they may have… Continue reading Popular 2012 Posts: Day 2 February 2012

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Everything back to normal – or is it?

There was a fatality at Gatwick airport railway station last night. A man was hit by a train at 4.45 pm. You can imagine the disruption it caused, it affected thousands of people just at home time. All trains stopped whilst the power was turned off. People were apparently stranded on trains halted midway between… Continue reading Everything back to normal – or is it?

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Beach Huts and Fishing Boats

I've just had a "holiday-at-home" and come to the conclusion that it's important (for me anyway) that a proper vacation away is infinitely more beneficial than a week at home.   It has not been at all restful, mainly because of the constant reminder of jobs that need to be done.  It's been a busy… Continue reading Beach Huts and Fishing Boats