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A Late Comer to the Party – A New Patio Container

There are days, especially when it’s too hot to do anything, retirement can be BORING!!! Maybe I’ll write a blog post about retiring and moving into a new area at the same time – I don’t recommend it.

This morning I Googled ‘Best Garden Centres’ near me and an independent nursery called Meadow Farm Nursery on Hayling Island popped up.  With nothing better to do today, I killed two birds with one stone and went garden centre and local beach visiting.


I did wonder where I was going down a narrow road and negotiating a bin lorry, then a single track road but found Meadow Farm Nursey – delightful independent nursery and very soon was drawn into buying plants, I couldn’t help myself!

Lovers of Full Sun pot 


1. Alternanthera – Purple Knight   I bought two of these and read that it is a tropical plant and the colours are even stronger in full sun.  Ideal for my baking south facing patio.


2. Nemesia – Aroma Rhubard and  Custard.  I always though ‘Wisley Vanilla’ was highly scented but the sweet fragrance of this plant wafted through the car all the way home, especially in the heat.


3. Angelonia – Archangel Raspberry.  I came across Angelonia recently and have a white one in one of my posts with Black Velvet Petunias.  It is another drought tolerant plant originating from Mexico.


So with new plants placed within a larger container (also new) and yet to be potted up, here is my ‘Lover of Full Sun’ pot sitting with the other patio pots and although joining the party late looks very much at home.


As for my visit to Hayling Island, well I found it a case of “Move along there, nothing to see”, but I did have a nice honey and ginger ice cream and there was a much appreciated cooling breeze off the sea.




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Six on Saturday – Patio Planting 23-06-2018

I am an infrequent contributor to Six on Saturday hosted by The Propagator Blog but coming back from my holiday and welcomed by a glorious display of colour on the patio I have to share them with you.1. My Container Garden 28550C20-5A53-4A9D-83C9-F2F2DE717D7F2158B714-66B3-4929-90B3-B9158559B776It wasn’t deliberate that the brights are on one side and the gentle shades are on the other, somehow it just developed that way.2. Gentle bluesF9BC0163-68ED-4CB9-9ACE-4B42085B75E3The above container has hidcote lavender, white petunia, scaevola and brachyscome.  I had been looking for a Salvia when making up the planting but it wasn’t in the garden centre at the time so I plumped for the lavender.3. Black and white2FFA7EE2-EF1B-4E88-90FA-F2CF882AB9BDThis is my black and white pot with petunia ‘black velvet’, angelonia ‘carrara’, the beautiful vanilla scented nemesia ‘Wisley vanilla’ and calibrachoa ‘black cherry’.  4. Sunshine3B41B16F-9686-42A8-9299-A97C6A3CA813I call this my sunshine pot.  It needs much more attention than the others because the bidens need regular deadheading and, as you can see, having been away there is a lot of deadheading to do.  I have overplanted it with the bidens ‘charm’ so that is another job to thin it out.  The other plants are dahlietta ‘coby’  and a trailing golden  lysymachia. 5. All the CoralsDDD1E61A-B6CC-41D0-A483-E0FC5146A618I found a beautiful coral ‘pelargonium’ in the garden centre tucked behind loads of reds so grabbed it quickly and hunted around for matching plants.  I came away with a trailing verbena ‘peaches and cream’ and calibrachoa ‘orange’ .6. A Rockery collection31F04DC0-CAD1-4F84-9363-3DCD979D1ECDThe last of my six is a small collection of rockery plants.  My patio is south facing and bakes in sunshine all day, apart from a couple of hours in the middle of the day when the sun is behind the trees, so this little collection are more than happy.  There is a white osteospermum, a very pretty lewisia in shades of pink to peach flowers and an armeria ‘ballerina lilac’.That’s my Six on Saturday for this week.  Hop over to The Propagator Blog to check out the Six on Saturday posts from other bloggers.

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I Love My Patio

I love my patio, it runs down the side of the house and is south facing.  It is a wonderful sun trap (when the sun shines) which makes for al fresco breakfasts and lunches giving over to a shady area to sit in late afternoon and evenings.   It is packed full of shrubs and pots which provide a tranquil and relaxing spot to sit. DSC_0298 (1024x665) DSC_0310 (1024x659) At the far end of the patio on the left, is a Pieris ‘Forest Flame’ in a very large pot.  When I first had it I moved it into several positions as it was not settling and finally a few years ago I moved it here and it is happily at home. DSC_0299 (1024x683) The Compassion Rose is brimming full of buds which will give the most wonderful, sweet aroma when in full bloom.  Adding to the evening perfume is the Philadelphus which is just about to burst into flower also. DSC_0309 (1024x663) On the house side, is a monster of a Fatsia Japonica which I chop down regularly to keep it to a manageable size.   The plants under the window are white Japanese Anemones that grow to about 5 foot by the end of August taking into account the height of the flowers which stay looking good through to October. DSC_0300 (1024x617) The Jasmine is another plant that needs to be kept in check, although I realise I wasn’t too careful with the pruning last year because only half the shrub appears to have flowers.   However, it doesn’t take too many Jasmine flowers to create a heady perfume, which fills the air in the warmth of the sun and drifts into my bedroom in the evenings. DSC_0301 (1024x596)

Colour is coming to the patio thanks to the Fuchsia (Mrs Popple) which seems to flower almost all year round.  Being tucked up against the house wall is clearly keeping it warm.

DSC_0302 (1024x683)

A few years ago, for a laugh, I bought a very white gargoyle and christened him Gary.   He has mellowed over the years and continues to cast a grumpy eye at my once in a while – probably because he is sitting in the middle of Mind-Your-Own-Business, or Baby’s Tears.   I tried for years to eradicate this invasive creeping ground cover but have given up and now accept it as part of the garden, keeping it in check as much as possible.   Behind Gary you can see the Montbretia (Crocosmia), which adds an extremely colourful, tropical look when the bright orange flowers are out.   I have some Dahlias growing in a trough this year which will add even more colour. DSC_0307 (1024x712) Outside the kitchen door is a slim line water butt, and I disguise it with a Passion Flower (also in a pot).  I prune it right back and it never fails to produce intense blue flowers.  Tall plant behind is the Olive that was bought for me by my daughters about 10 years ago  (another very large pot).DSC_0303 (1024x859) Last year the white Agapanthus didn’t flower, which was disappointing because it has always been so beautiful.  I have fed it and hope that it does something this year.  It could be that it is pot bound and needs to be split, which is an autumn job.   There is also a Gerbera which I bought about 5 years ago from the Hampton Court show, it is a very bright red and clashes in a brilliant way with the orange dahlia in the pot next to it.    The pale green leaves are a slightly struggling runner bean plant, but I notice this morning some new leaves so it has not given up the ghost. DSC_0304 (1024x905) In case you are thinking this is all well and good but patios are also for sitting and where do I sit?  Well at the other end of the patio, is a garden bench and a couple of chairs, which at the moment are tucked under the Honeysuckle.  This area continues to be in the sun until about 4:30pm at the moment.  What’s in the hanging basket?    Tumbling Tom Tomatoes.   It is just next to the kitchen door so I don’t have to go far! DSC_0305 (1024x683) It has just starting to rain as I took these photos, I need some sunshine and I can sit outside and enjoy my patio.   By July the whole area will be pinks, reds and oranges, with a splash of white (hopefully from the Agapanthus) and blue from the Passion Flower, providing a mediterranean ambiance.   That will be a whole new blog post.

What is on your patio?   Please share it and leave a link in the comments box.

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