Book Review: The Crafted Garden

It is always exciting to get an email from Frances Lincoln Limited asking if I would be interested in reviewing a book due to be released. This time it was The Crafted Hour written by Louise Curley with photographs by Jason Ingram.

Louise Curley, also wrote The Cut Flower Patch, a book I reviewed in February 2014.

I like books with matt textured covers, which this one has.  It is a comfortable size also, measuring 24cms (9.5″) by 19cms (7.5″).  It is fully of stylish projects inspired by nature in a good font size with detailed and  interesting photographs.

This is a book not only fully of 50 craft ideas, with step-by-step instructions using flowers and twigs from your garden and the hedgerows, it also covers lots of other things such as key plants, themes, growing plants and saving seeds.   A useful full book not only for handicraft ideas.    It’s like following a recipe book with ingredients, detailed photos to follow so you know what you are making is supposed to look like whilst making it and a photo of the finished product. 

With Christmas coming up this book would make a very welcome present.

The Crafted Garden was published by Frances Lincoln Limited on 3 September 2015


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Book Review: The Cut Flower Patch – Louise Curley

It is always with delight and honour to receive a request to review a book, especially when connected with gardening.   I was more than happy to say “yes please” when The Arum Publishing Group asked me to review Louise Curley’s book, The Cut Flower Patch.

I follow Louise’s blog, the WellyWoman,  so know of her love for plants and nature.  Indeed on her “About Me” page she writes:  “For some women, they’re happiest when their feet are ensconced in a pair of expensive Manolo Blahniks or Christian Louboutins, for me it’s a pair of mud-splattered wellies”.

The Cut Flower Patch is her first book, due to be published by Frances Lincoln ( | @Frances_Lincoln) on 6 March 2014, so I am privileged to have a preview.

The Cut Flower Patch

The Cut Flower Patch measures 19cms x 24cms and is a sensible sized book.   My first impressions were matt textured cover and the size and font of the print, which is easy on the eye and I found comfortable to read.  The next thing was the matt format and attractive photographs of varying sizes including full page photographs with mouthwatering ideas for displaying flowers.  The colour reproduction is excellent making it a lovely book to look at.

This  is a comprehensive guide for anyone wanting to grow their own cut flowers, whether it be in a small raised bed or on an allotment.  It takes you from the preparation of a site to plant layouts and a guide to annuals, biennials, bulbs, tubers and foliage, as well as detailed information and photos setting you on the path of starting off the growing of your flowers from the windowsill to sowing direct.

Louise  includes a chapter through the seasons with ideas on supplementing the cutting patch; particularly useful in the winter months.   There is a beautiful full page photograph for winter with twigs of Viburnum Bodnantense “Dawn”  displayed in an assortment of glass bottles which has made me hunt out some old bottles.

Equally important to growing your own flowers is knowing the best way to show them off.   As one would expect in a good book about cutting flowers, there is an  informative chapter called ‘Arranging your Flowers’ with floristry guides and tips, supported again by a wealth of photos of beautiful flowers in an interesting assortment of jugs, jars and vases.  One that caught my eye was a pewter tankard packed full of Scabious, Sweet Williams and grasses.

Good maintenance, support ideas, feeding suggestions, including a recipe for Comfrey, and dealing with pests and diseases in an organic way are well covered.   Louise also gives advice on the best way to cut your flowers to encourage further  blooms and prepare them so that they last longer.

Finally at the end of the book is the always useful sowing and planting calendar and cutting patch calendar.

Try as I may, in order to give a well rounded review, I was unable to find anything about The Cut Flower Patch that I did not like.  I am going to covet my copy because I know I will refer to it throughout the year for ideas and help.   You can place an early order for your own copy, which I would thoroughly recommend.   The Cut Flower Patch is published on 6 March 2014.

To order The Cut Flower Patch at the discounted price of £16.00 including p&p* (RRP: £16.00), telephone 01903 828503 or email and quote the offer code APG101. 
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