I Love My Patio – 8 Weeks On

On the 20th June I wrote a post called “I Love My Patio”. Then there was a lot of promise of things to come and wonderings if plants would flower as well as last year, or at all. 8 weeks on and the patio is bursting with foliage and colour.

_DSC0665 (1024x683)

I have a beautiful white Agapanthus which disappointed me last year by not producing any flowers. This year it has treated me to three flowers as big as your head! Passing them on the narrow part of the patio is an art because I am determined I will not knock the heads off, which is quite easily done with Agapanthus.


Looking spectacularly healthy and robust this year is the Clematis Jouiniana Praecox, which is rambling its way through the Compassion Rose (now finished blooming) and along the wall. The pale blue flowers are so pretty and delicate and belie that it is a tough plant.

clematis (683x1024)

I need to cut back the Jasmine, it is choking the white Japanese Anemones. However, at the moment they look pretty poking through the foliage of the Jasmine.


A vibrance of colour is added opposite the Anemones and Agapanthus courtesy of the Montbretia (Crocosmia). A great freebie plant which I regularly pull up at the end of the summer and replant in other areas of the garden adding splashes of orange throughout.


I camouflage the slim line water butt next to the kitchen door with a Passion Flower which I cut back regularly every year. It grows in a pot and loves the sun baking on it. Earlier in July I had a number of flowers, although not as many as in past years, perhaps I have not fed it enough this time. I thought there was nothing to photograph for this post and then suddenly noticed one solitary flower at the bottom of the plant and there are a few more buds scattered around.

passion flower (1024x683)

Finally, a photo of the patio from the other direction and the seating area. I wish I knew what the Geranium (Pelargonium) is. I bought it because I loved the variegated leaves but it didn’t have a label, so if anyone has any idea please let me know. The plant next to it is a pink Centaurea which I have tried to nurture for a few years. It was growing in the bottom flower bed but has always fallen foul of snails. Determined not to lose it completely I dug it up a few months ago and placed it in a pot and would appear to be quite happy now.

gerannium (1024x683)

I have another two posts in the pipeline, one about my visit to Charleston, a Bloomsbury set house and garden where Vanessa Bell lived. The other is a fascinating garden in East Sussex open on charity days which left me full of ideas and even more convinced that I don’t need a lawn. Watch this space!!

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