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Is it Harry Who is Falling Now? : 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #37

The 100 Word Challenge  for Grown Ups  had an interesting twist this week.

The prompt was:-

“Go back to last week’s entries and use the last 10 words of the post next to yours and using just 100 words create a story.  It may be a follow-on from the previous one or you may like to take it in a different direction.”

The last 10 words of my entry for 100WCGU Week #36 (Autumn Goes Skydiving) were taken this week by Ross Mannell  as he continued Autumn’s Tale and wrote a brilliant sequel.    

I have included it below in my post this week, my contribution to Week #37  follows on at the end.  

I hope you enjoy these mini chapters in what seems to be slowly becoming a popular story. 


Autumn Returns to Earth by Ross Mannell

A sense of exhilaration swept over her as they landed.   Autumn felt herself being unbuckled by Harry.  She turned to thank him for her skydiving experience but joy turned to surprise.

“I’m late,” a white rabbit said. “We must go.”

Too confused to resist, the rabbit hopped along with Autumn in tow.

“Are you Alice’s White Rabbit?” Autumn asked.

“Alice who? We’re late!”

Before she could stop him, Autumn was pulled into a hole.  She was falling, this time without Harry.

She felt herself being shaken, “Autumn, are you alright?”


It was Harry, “You passed out as we landed.”


The last 10 words in the post next to mine were  Uh oh, am I the only one who sees him”  from Did you see that rabbit? by Fiction Leigh

Is it Harry who is falling now?  by Ronnie Tyler

“Oooh, my poor head.” Autumn winced as she sat up.  

“Why are you looking so concerned?” she asked

“Just before you came to, you were rambling on about a white rabbit”

“I wasn’t rambling, there really is a rabbit – he is over there in the corner”

“Autumn, you are worrying me, there is no rabbit”,

“Uh oh, am I the only one who sees him?”

Harry looked at her, wondering if he should take her to A&E, then he noticed a broad grin appear across her face.  He thought to himself she really was beautiful when she smiled.

“You are one very bad lady!”

Autumn looked at him and winked. 


Thank you Julia for running the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups and your sometimes devious and always interesting prompts which makes each week so enjoyable.    

Please take a trip over to her place and read some of the other very clever peices of creative writing.

100 Word Challenge

Caught Out: 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #34

A little later than I would have liked but at last I have managed the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups this week.   I chickened out of the challenge last week.  It was a photo prompt and I have to admit that I was totally stumped for ideas and with other things going on in my life I could not muster any creativity.

This week we go back to a word prompt:-

…but I turned it off….

Please make sure you include these 5 words in your piece plus another 100 words. If you have found yourself in this space wondering what ever this is all about do read ‘What is 100WCGU?’ . Hopefully it will tell you that the 100WCGU is a weekly creative writing challenge for people over 16! Do join in and share your words.

* * * * * * * *

It had been a particularly dull morning, as the secretary reproduced the words on to her screen that were coming monotonously through the headphones.   Like an automaton, her fingers moved deftly across the keyboard,  her right foot managing the foot pedal, middle button to play, left button to wind back.

Middle, left, middle, left, her foot moved like a concert pianist, playing it over and over again.  She couldn’t quite believe what she was listening to. 

Her boss looked acutely embarrassed when she confronted him about not switching off the dictaphone before taking the phone call.  

“But I turned it off.” he stammered.



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Meeting the Life Coach – 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #29

“Let’s meet for lunch in the restaurant tomorrow.”

“That’ll be great Mummy, it’s been ages since we’ve seen each other.”

Putting a smile in her voice to lighten it, Sally confirmed “1 o’clock then, I’ve someone interesting I want to introduce you to.”

It was with a double take Autumn clocked the handsome, silver haired man sitting at the table with her Mother.

“I am intrigued, what are you up to?” Autumn asked suspiciously as she greeted her Mother, at the same time giving Sally’s guest a dazzling killer smile.

“I would like you to meet your Life Coach, Harry Wednesday.”

Julia at Julia’s Place has given us just one word this week for the 100WCGU (Word Challenge for Grown Ups) and that word is Wednesday.   The challenge is to write a short creative piece using just 100 words plus the prompt word.

Click on the 100 Word Challenge logo to take you to her blog where you can read how the others have used Wednesday in their writing.

More and more people take up the challenge each week –  go on have a try!  It’s great fun.

100 Word Challenge

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #27

A very tough task was set this week by Julia at Julia’s Place.  One that I am sure has worried a lot of people because we bloggers like to be nice to everyone.  We don’t want to lose “friends” by being derogative, disagree with what has been written or  critical.  In fact Him Up North posted a brilliant piece this week which examines that perfectly.  It is easier to not leave a comment if we disagree rather than leave a controversial comment. That takes a brave and very self-confident person.

What was the task you ask?

This week, we were told we are to be critics and choose a piece from last weeks 100 Word Challenge and write a critique of it.   It is not easy to take someone’s carefully and thoughtful written piece and give it a critical review.   Initially the thought of a critique is that it should contain an element of fault and negative judgement but  in truth it should also award recognition.

This particular post may not, perhaps, be  interesting to my blog followers who are hoping for something about the garden or  photographs.   However, it is  good for me because it tests not only creative writing but also an ability to  give a fair analysis of something that has been written by someone else.

I chose the 100 WCGU called Acceptance Speech written by Sally-Jayne at sjbWriting.wordpress.com.

Deep breath and here we go…….

To be able to say “I told you so”  is a great satisfaction in life.

This vignette in only 105 words gives a great insight into what the character is thinking.  How often do we all wish we could go back to our teachers who told us we would amount to nothing and put them right?

Sally-Jayne didn’t fall into the trap of using the 5 prompts in the order they were given.  She managed to write a clever story by sensibly rearranging the words.

We know how thank you Oscar speeches ramble on and it was an inspired last sentence.

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Julia also hosts a 100 Word Challenge to encourage creative writing for young people under the age of 16.  Please pay a visit to that blog there are some incredible entries from schools that are taking part from primary upwards.

100 Word Challenge

Autumn’s Auction Shocker: 100 WCGU – Week #26

The 100 Word Challenge this week was to use the words aghast, aquamarine, aeroplane, acted and after  plus the normal 100 words.   Having not written about our friend Autumn and her exploits for a few weeks I thought it was time to bring her back.  

Please visit Julia’s Place and take a look at the other contributors.

Whilst sitting in the hotel lounge, mindlessly thumbing through the auctioneer’s catalogue, Autumn’s mother found herself staring aghast at the full page coloured photograph of her grandmother’s Art Deco diamond and aquamarine brooch.

It was unmistakable and the last time she saw it was on the lapel of her daughter’s coat as she boarded the aeroplane to London.   Autumn clearly had acted fast to get to the auction house in time for it to be in this month’s issue.

After regaining her equilibrium, Sally decided it was now time to rein Autumn in.   How, was the question and initially an urgent family conference was important.

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Mene, Mene : 100 Word Challenge Week #20 (Part 2)

Julia from Julia’s Place offered us three prompts this week, it was too tempting to only use one.    Some of the other contributions  have been very clever and used all three in one piece but I only used one,  so have  written a  part 2 this week.

Just as a reminder the prompts are well-known day-to-day phrases originally from the Bible:-

…the apple of his eye/the writing on the wall/the powers that be

I wanted to know a bit more about the context in which the phrases are used,  and I read  the text about the writing on the wall  from Belshazzar’s feast in the Book of Daniel.    What did the finger write on the wall?   Mene, Mene, Tekel u-Pharsin – one interpretation of those words is  “Thou art weighed in the balance and art found wanting”.


Mene, Mene: 

It certainly was a grand shindig, with friends and acquaintances from all areas of her life.  The chilled champagne flowed copiously and the buffet table was laden with delicious vegetarian food.  Autumn had spared no expense, or thought to her family.  This, unfortunately, was typical; she certainly knew how to live life with abandonment.

 A small group of her closest friends sat in the corner discussing  renaming  “Pa’s Burgers” to “Russets” and if the new style restaurant would be successful.   They decided Autumn needed a wake-up call,  she had to be shown the writing on the wall, or her business acumen would be found wanting.

Take a look at these: