One Day in May: Exbury Gardens, Hampshire

A very good friend of mine,  came back from holiday with some fabulous photos of Exbury Gardens.  Actually, she was so excited taking photos of the garden, she even texted me when she was there to tell me.   She is neither a gardener or blogger, and when I asked her if she would like to have a Guest Post on my blog she jumped at the idea. 

By way of introduction, Exbury Gardens, is in the New Forest and just 20 minutes drive off junction 2 of the M27.    The 200 acre site is part of the Rotheschild Estate and renown for its fabulous collection of Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Camellias.


Having been inspired by Ronnie’s wonderful blog and stunning pictures, I decided to take myself off to Exbury Gardens, near Beaulieu when on a visit to the New Forest recently.  The following pictures were taken by me and I have to say I’m rather impressed with my hitherto unknown talent as a budding photographer (pardon the pun!)!

Whilst driving through the New Forest, I came upon a number of ponies and their foals and couldn’t resist snapping this mother and baby sharing a tender moment.

I don’t know the name of this shrub – I know it’s not holly – I’m sure Ronnie knows!  Anyway, I think it’s pretty.  (It’s a Skimmia)

This carpet of bluebells surrounded by magnificent trees captures a woodland glade in all its quiet glory.

Exbury Gardens at their best.

This magnificent privately owned Georgian house enjoys a stunning prospect across the park.

A rhododendron in bud.

Enormous carp inhabit the many lakes at Exbury.  It was sheer luck that I managed to catch this one in just the right pose!

White wisteria, I think, adorns an arbour.

A delightful scene with something lovely!

A charming stream trickles over rocks, surrounded by brilliant red rhododendrons.

I love the reflection of the trees and sky in this picture.

One of my favourites – stunning purple wisteria cascades from a peudo-Roman (or possibly Greek?) pergola.


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  1. What great photos and a wonderful garden to visit.My favourite is the last one of the purple wisteria. You can certainly take good photos! 🙂



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