Garden Photography Challenge – February : Monochrome 

The February garden photography challenge for February given to us by SmallBlueGreenFlowers is ‘monochrome’. 

In February I am looking for Monochrome

(black and white or tones of one colour. Look for texture, shape and patterns. The subject matter is entirely up to you, but should be loosely garden related.)

I’ve been wandering around for the last week trying to find something that would look interesting in black and white.  Today I visited West Dean Gardens, near Chichester, and went into one of their greenhouses to warm up.  


There laid out before me was a colourful array of gourds.  The more I looked at them, the more I realized that they looked at their best in monochrome.  When photographed in black and white you are not detracted by their colours but notice how the texture of their warty and patterned skins comes the fore.  The photos below are my contribution to this month’s challenge. 


As the challenge is ‘monochrome’ and can include photos of one tone, I am also showing a coloured photo of the really warty gourds.  It’s probably not quite within the remit of one tone but close enough – I hope!