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In a Vase on Monday – Being Non-symmetrical

Yeah!  This week for In a Vase on Monday I am displaying flowers, not bought from a shop, or cut from the garden flower patch, but a little posy chosen from pots on my patio.   Whilst I was deadheading and I thought to myself there was no reason why I couldn’t arrangement a few in a small jug.


I dug out a very pretty Royal Albert China cream mug from the cupboard – the pattern is called ‘moss rose’ which in itself is floral and eminently suitable.


I arranged the posy in the jug very carefully and, because I have OCD tendencies, I tried to make it look symmetrical, but it didn’t work because with a handle one side and a pouring lip the other, the jug itself is not a uniform shape. Then having visited the many contributions to Rambling in The Garden’s weekly meme and seen how clever people are in their displays, I did a little rearranging.


The more I looked at it, the more I realised that with the handle on one side, it would look a more interesting composition with the Angeliona pointing out the other, a bit like a teapot spout,  even though I say it myself, I’m quite pleased with the finished article!

The flowers used are Verbena ‘peaches and cream’, Angeliona ‘raspberry’ the colour picks up the roses on the jug, Achillea ‘terracotta’ (although looks more yellow to me!) and Lewisia Cotyledon.  Oh and I put in a few sprigs of Nemesia ‘Wisley Vanilla’ for added perfume.

I hope you like my non-symmetrical posy.  For some great ideas on arrangements please pop over to The Rambling Garden. 

Flowers, Garden blogging, In a Vase on Monday, Photography

In a Vase on Monday – In Celebration of Spring

It’s the middle of March and another bitterly cold day, and to make us all feel better about it the weathermen gleefully inform us that Spring is just around the corner and will be warmer tomorrow.      I do hope they are right, we could all do with a little sunshine and warmth that comes with it.

I decided it was time to bring flowers from the garden into the house for a spot of positiveness.  The temperature is 1C and it feels colder! There is a big difference to being outside on an icy day with sunshine and blue sky to it being icy cold, overcast and grey when it seems to get into the bones quickly.  After just a couple of minutes outside cutting a small posy, my hands are still taking time to warm up.


According to the meteorological calendar Spring started on the 1st of March.  It is not the same with the astronomical calendar in which we find Spring starts tomorrow Tuesday 20th March.   Why the difference?  The meteorological calender splits the year into four seasons, so accordingly Spring is 1 March until 31 May.  The astronomical calender is all to do with the Earth’s orbit around the sun and the dates change each year.  How do I know this?  Good old Dr Google!


Daffodils, anemones, crocus and a sprig of skimma in a pretty blue glass jug with a sandblasted surface go together to make my first ‘In a Vase on Monday’ of 2018.

There are some very pretty combinations which can be seen if you make a visit to Rambling in the Garden, Cathy is celebrating the anniversary of her 6th year of blogging today.

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In a Vase on Monday – A Spring Posy

I think I may have said this before, but it is often only seeing posts by others that I suddenly notice the garden really does have variety of choice for flower arrangements, no matter how small the flowers are.   Harriet Rycroft posted the prettiest posy on Instagram yesterday, which inspired me to venture into the garden with a carefully selected vintage cream jug from the jug shelf and a pair or scissors. 

The cream jug is one of many that I collect as they catch my eye.  Sadly they frequently collect more dust than being used for arrangements, something I must address.   I chose this one in particular because of the pretty soft blue and yellow wash around it. 

Scrambling my way in behind shrubs at the bottom of the garden into the tiny wild bit where lots of primroses grow, I picked just a few.  It must be a throw back but I always feel I am being naughty picking primroses! Am I the only one?  Then I chose a couple of Anemone ‘blanda’ and a stem of Chionodoxa which had whilted slightly.  

I grow a lot of Tête-à-tête daffodils, although I have often come across double headed ones, this is the first quadruple headed daffodil I have come across.  It is great for a posy, filling it at the flower end but not taking up extra room at the stem end. 

Proving I have given thought to my In Vase on Monday posy, to bring the colours together I added a few purple and yellow violas.  I adore violas, they have such sunny happy faces and are great for a hanging basket by the front door.  They always smile and say ‘Welcome Home’ – they do to me anyway!

Thank you Cathy from Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme.  Cathy always has interesting and delightful flower arrangements on In a Vase Monday.   Check it out, this Monday she has a display in colours of the Union Jack. 

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In a Vase on Monday – Winter foliage

Notwithstanding the rain, I was determined to find something in the garden for In a Vase on Monday.  If you have a garden, there is always something that can be used.

Actually it was not as easy as I thought it would be to collect some colour.  I picked some cotoneaster branches because they were looking really bright with a mass of red berries against the dark brown twiggy stems.  However, most of the berries dropped off all over the work surface and kitchen floor as I was arranging them so I ended up with bare brown twigs!  Fortunately most of the berries stayed put on the SKimmia so I kept the red I needed.

I popped out in the rain again as I could see out of the kitchen window the Pieris was looking good, so collected a few branches.  I have never used them as foliage before but looking at them now I see what I have missed out on.

Then there was locating an interesting vessel for my foliage.  On the top of my kitchen cabinets out of sight and out of mind, there is an array of jugs, vases and tea pots.  I can’t remember where this tall elegant teapot came from but, after washing off the dust,  it makes a great vase.

Happy  In a Vase on Monday!  Thank you Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme which is a great kick start to blogging in 2017.

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In a Vase on Monday – It’s Hot! Hot! Hot!


Following on from last week’s In a Vase on Monday I have used another mug from the kitchen cupboard.  In the past few posts I’ve found a container and then picked the flowers.  This time I knew I wanted to use the last of the hot flowers in the garden.  Once I had my selection I searched for the best way to display and compliment them and found this cheerful mug at the back of the mug cupboard.
The crocosmia is almost over but I was able to retrieve a few sprigs with flowers at the top of stems.



The Calendula is also slowly coming to an end, and sadly it is falling foul of mildew.  Now is the time for the nasturtiums to start taking over the flowerbed and is winding its way around every thing at the moment!



For a little bit of greenery I have used Cosmos leaves.

Here is my list of my Hot! Hot! Hot! In a Vase on Monday:

  • nasturtiums
  • calendula
  •  crocosmia
  • cosmos leaves


Thank you Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme, which ensures I do regularly pick flowers from the garden to enjoy indoors.

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In a Vase on Monday – Cheerful Cosmos


“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” – Oscar Wilde

One of the greatest things about blogs and Instagram is that it is full of ideas which sets the mind racing, well it does mine anyway.   You can see something and think wow, I could do that, and this is exactly what happened when I saw my blogger friend Elizabeth Musgrave from Welsh Hills Again had posted  a pretty photo of flowers in a mug on Instagram.    I ask her forgiveness for taking her idea and posting my version for In a Vase on Monday.


After a considerable amount of heavy rain, and an unseasonable wind,  there is a lot in the garden lying flat, including the Ladies Mantle Achemilla Mollis which is now almost past its prime.   I find if I use it for arrangements when it gets to this stage, it just sheds seeds and makes a bit of a mess.   Fortunately I managed to cut a few sprigs that were still a lovely lime green before it changed to a manky khaki.


The one lesson I still need to grasp is that anything will make a vessel for flowers.  I am still in the mindset that a flower arrangement equals the need for a purpose made vase.  This, of course, is total rubbish!  The above mug is a very pretty shape and from Laura Ashley.  I chose it because the colours match the shades of the Cosmos from the garden and is an ideal height for a small posy.


This is an ‘aerial’ view of today’s posy.  I have grown from seed a large and varied selection of Cosmos this year, some have single petals and others have the interesting double petals known as Sea Shells.  I have added some Verbena Bonariensis, which is always good for colour without taking up space.


You see, I am beginning to learn a few things about making an In a Vase on Monday. Pop over to Cathy’s blog In a Vase on Monday.