Trials in 2017 at Parham Gardens nr Pulborough

I regularly follow Parham Gardens and head gardener Tom Brown @HeadGardenerTom on Twitter, so when not visiting the garden I manage to keep abreast of what they are doing. Each year Parham runs plant trials, and they are well worth a visit as it is a great way of making a note of ideas for … Continue reading Trials in 2017 at Parham Gardens nr Pulborough

Parham Gardens on the Last Day of April

On Sunday 30 April, my friend and I dusted off our season ticket and paid a visit to Parham Gardens in Pulborough.  We are lucky that it is only 20 minutes away and makes for an enjoyable afternoon out, without much driving.  There is a small restaurant called The Big Kitchen at Parham that serves a light … Continue reading Parham Gardens on the Last Day of April

Rousham Gardens – A Must to Visit

Day 3 of my short break to Oxford was a visit to Rousham Gardens.  I was surprised at the number of people who had not heard of Rousham when I spoke of our itinerary, it is clearly a little known, but very important in the history of garden design.  Rousham is an original English Landscape Garden, almost unchanged since William … Continue reading Rousham Gardens – A Must to Visit

Waterperry Gardens, nr Oxford

The first of our brief tour of gardens in the Oxford area was to Waterperry Gardens close to Oxford. It is always a bit hit and miss visiting gardens at the end of September, you never really know what you are going to see as so much of the summer planting is over.   However, judging from the … Continue reading Waterperry Gardens, nr Oxford

The University of Oxford Botanic Garden

Today I visited The University of Oxford Botanic Garden and despite it being the end of September and most things are well past their best, I found it impressive and inspiring.  My friend, being  particularly fond of prairie gardens, was keen to see The Merton Borders. The Merton Borders were sown by seed directly in 2011 … Continue reading The University of Oxford Botanic Garden

Parham House and Garden – Glasshouse

At the beginning of July we bought a season ticket for Parham Garden we only have one more visit and it's paid for itself, then we can continue to visit for free! We went again yesterday and having written several blog posts about  Parham I decided to go with a specific theme for this post. … Continue reading Parham House and Garden – Glasshouse