Hurtledto60 Plot 52a – The YouTube Channel

Although books are great I am very much a visual/practical learner and have found learning from YouTube a great source of ‘How to Do’ information, as well as ‘How Not to Do’. I spend time watching and learning from YouTube videos and making notes in my trusty notebook. A month ago, on a whim, when at the allotment I thought it a fun idea to take a little video on my iPhone by way of a diary. LINK AT THE BOTTOM! I am now hooked and by no means will it replace my blog, it is another media form to enjoy.

I have subscribed to several Vlogs (to get the correct vernacular) and the ones I watch most often I list below:

Charles Dowding – No Dig Guru

Diary of a UK Gardener – Sean James Cameron

Lovely Greens

Horti Hugh

Lavender and Leeks

I’ve made a few Vlogs and learned to hold the iPhone sideways so I don’t get black lines down the sides, as I did with my first. Wind noise is a problem which I need to overcome. Don’t swing the camera around too fast, as it makes the viewer seasick! I have discovered iMovies, which helps me join several little videos together – there is no pause button on an iPhone. Also I’ve learned how to make a little introductory film.

Much against my better judgment I included myself in the latest one, thinking it would be a good idea for viewers to see who was talking. I held the camera too close and the woman in the video doesn’t look anything how I think I look!

There is still a lot more to learn, it is very much at the beginner stage but if you are interested in how my Plot 52a is looking and have 8 minutes to spare, please make yourself comfortable and watch. You are more than welcome to subscribe, or even comment, nice and constructive comments only please 😄.

LINK! LINK! ➡️ Hurtledto60 – A Diary of Plot 52A

Making a YouTube channel for Plot 52a

I won’t ever be a Cecil B Demille but it’s fun making videos! This is my foray into YouTube.

It was such a beautiful but cold morning today I spend a lot of time at the allotment. Not only to plant the bare rooted roses that arrived yesterday, but for my well being. I won’t dwell on it but after recovering, successfully, from three types of cancer over the last 5 years there are times I can’t get the worry out of my head of it returning. So a few hours on the allotment was very cathartic and now all is right with the world.

Whilst I was there instead of taking photos, I thought I’d have a little fun and make a video of Plot 52a. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos recently to gain information on allotment life. This afternoon I set up my YouTube channel, but now realise that the videos are narrow and maybe I need to use an iPad rather than iPhone and every time I stopped recording, it didn’t pause so I have 5 little short videos. It’s a big learning process.

I have since found out how to upload videos without the black strips down the side so the next video should be easier to watch.

Anyway, if you are interested please take a look at the Plot 52a channel using the link above and if interested subscribe to see how it evolves. Thank you!