I Escaped for a Walk with Photos Along the Way

Ok, I am well aware that I am shielded and advised to stay indoors away from people, with a short time in the garden. This is only advisory and in my best interest, but I was feeling trapped and in need of a short walk. Today was drizzly and much chiller than the last few weeks. There were noticeably fewer people out today so I put on my coat and proper shoes, not slippers or garden clogs, which felt wonderful, escaped the confines of home and headed to the waterfront.

The road opposite takes you down to the foreshore, about a 5-10 minute walk. It’s a lovely old fashioned road, with established properties. The majority have shrubs edging the pavement softening the outlook. What made this road look as though I’d entered the 1950s today was because the only car I could see was a lovely old vintage Morris.

The added idea of my escape was to take photos of flowering shrubs and plants along my walk. Several years ago I wrote a few posts about things I could see on a walk and thought this a good idea to do again. Many of the front gardens had Weigela growing and they all had pretty pale pink flowers with variegated leaves, tumbling on to the path.

Along with the Weigela there were hedges of hardy fuchsias already beginning to flower. When they are fully out the road I expect the road will change from Weigela pink to fuchsia red.

Some of the gardens had pretty borders between their low brick walls and the pavement, which I think is quite unusual. Here you can see lots of Centaurea, Aquilegia and Brunnera.

It always pays to look up sometimes when walking. I almost missed this enormous climbing rose covered with the tiniest pale pink roses. Please tell me if you know what it is. I was beginning to feel a bit conspicuous and initially decided not to photograph it, and walked on, but then I turned back and took a quick shot.

As I turned the corner towards the foreshaw I saw a splendid purple rhododendron growing as tall hedge. What a fabulous colour.

I always forget to check the tide times and as you can see the tide was well and truly out. There were still very few people which was good and everyone was going to great pains to keep the requisite 2 metre distance.

I had passed a number of houses with Wisteria around the front but felt I couldn’t stand outside someone’s house and take photographs. However, on the way back, I realised that I could capture one from an angle without being too obvious, if not wearing a bright yellow jacket was not obvious enough!

Finally, at the top of the road was a very pretty cherry tree. The blossom was like little bunches of flowers, and I believe it is a flowering cherry that doesn’t produce cherries.

After a refreshing and beneficial 45 minutes out, feeling doubly naughty because onto my was I was out and I was taking photographs of people’s gardens, I felt much better once I shut the door behind me. Take care everyone, keep safe and well. 🙏🌈

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