Six on Saturday 11 April 2020

What better in these difficult times and lockdown than to resurrect the Hurtled to 60 blog.

Nature carries on regardless which is magical. My patio pots are looking glorious, although I say so myself. The pots around the drive, planted up last autumn make a colourful welcome and something for residents of the apartments to enjoy. 

These are just a few of the beautiful tulips planted in containers last autumn. There was supposed to be a mix of early and late flowering varieties but they all seem to be coming through at the same time so sadly might all be over come May.

Charming Lady

Amazing Grace




I just had to include the fabulous Euphorbia which is in a container on my patio behind the other tulip pots. As this is Six on Saturday I can’t show them all off but will write another post in a day or two.

Euphorbia ’Martinii’

Thank you The Propagator for continuing to run this weekly meme and proving life goes on. Happy Saturday everyone, keep well and stay safe.