Six on Saturday 13/07/2019

Time spent gardening beats time in the gym. I must be racking up my daily steps walking to and from the water trough on the allotment and between my patio and kitchen tap. My arm muscles are also benefitting carrying two 8-litre watering cans at least 12 times, if not more, when watering the allotment.

There are so many impressive Six on Saturday posts; it can take an age to read them all, so to make life easier my Six on Saturday has few words, concentrating on the photos for you to enjoy. They were taken on my allotment this morning.

1. Lychnis and Eryngium

2. Pennisetum Villosum ’Feathertop’

3. Sunflower ’Solar Eclipse’

4. Gaura lindheimeri ’The Bride’ and Cosmos ’Purity’

5. Ammi Visnaga

And finally…

6. Cleome ’Violet Queen’

A big thank you to The Propogator who hosts this weekly meme with so many contributors. Please pay him a visit and peek over the garden fence to view what is going on in other gardens this weekend.

13 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 13/07/2019

  1. Some lovely combinations there Ronnie. You could try cuttings from the gaura if you want more, they root well I found.

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  2. Beautiful pictures showing beautiful plants. Love the sunflower


  3. Lovely combinations and lovely photos and a nice quick read! As you can see it takes me all week to get through the posts now! Happy gardening Ronnie – I think there is rain in the forecast this week for us, not sure about the south-east.


    1. Thank you. I’ve come to the conclusion that many folk don’t really want to read reams. Photos with a short caption suit me fine 😊. Rain seems to escape Emsworth, I’m hoping for some at the end of the week 🤞🏻

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      1. It is a popular meme – there are a few that I like to read regularly (yours included) I’m afraid I haven’t read many of the more recent ones.


  4. I’m another who likes the lychnis & sea holly, but am also delighted w/the cosmos & gaura combo. This is my first year trying gaura, which I did by getting seeds when it was so late in the year, they were on sale. Coincidentally, my first little seedling came up today, so hopefully next year, I’ll have some as well. Don’t know which ones but now I know they’ll look good w/cosmos. But then, what doesn’t look good w/cosmos? Those sunflowers are super wow.

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    1. I bought tiny pots of Gaura and one was struggling but caught up and they are filling the cottage garden beds nicely. I’m hoping they survive the winter. The sunflowers are making great cut flowers.


  5. Some beautiful combinations thank you for sharing. That sunflower is particularly lovely and may just have to be added to my wish-list for next year!


  6. I love all your combinations; especially the Lychnis with the Eryngium. Stunning. Happy gardening!


  7. Some lovely combos there! I’ve never had much luck with cleome, yours is amazing, I am envious in a good way. Lovely six.


    1. Only 5 out of a whole packet of seeds have made it to planting out stage. This year has been particularly successful with those 5, so really happy. I love cleome 💕

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  8. A great summer six! I particularly love the lychnis eryngium combo.

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    1. Thank you. They look good together don’t they!

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