Six on Saturday – 29-06-2019

Phew! It’s hot, hot, hot! Even watering the lottie in the evening is exhausting – but mustn’t complain. It was only recently we were asking for the rain to stop. There seems to be no happy medium. The sun and heat has brought on the plants but along with that it has brought aphids in their thousands!

My Six on Saturday this week is not a pat-on-the-back, showing off my successes. The allotment has many things that have not done so well.

1. Cherry blackfly

The whole cherry tree is a sad sight of gnarled, curled and distorted leaves, which in close sight transpires to be an infestation of Cherry Blackfly. According to the RHS website once the leaves have become curled the damage is done and it is too late for effective spraying. It is too tall for me to get to the top branches and as I intend to bring down the height considerably later this year I will deal with it then. A plant oil winter tree wash is recommended in December to destroy overwintering eggs.

2. Blueberries

Along with a variety of fruit bushes I inherited a Blueberry bush. I topped up the ericaceous soil (it is in a container which looks like an old galvanised water trough) and fed it, just like the books said. It flowered, although not prolifically, but sadly only a few berries have appeared. They are netted so have not been eaten.

3. Lilium ‘Burning Joy’

The eagle eyed among you will see this Lily is not much bigger than its small name tag. I bought this with a label describing it as a red, yellow and orange stunning early blooming variety. It is a dwarf lily although not this small, it’s supposed to grow to about 40cm, but mine is about 12cms. However, small is beautiful.

4. Three sisters planting – corn, squash and beans

I thought this was a brilliant idea. The corn offers the beans support, beans provide nitrogen and the large leaves of the squash shade the soil. I think I’ve gone wrong somewhere. I only planted 2 squash given to me by an allotment neighbour, variety unknown, but clearly ‘giant’. They have taken over the whole bed and are choking out the beans. I’m not sure what to do now, any advice please!

5. Sunflowers 🌻

The sunshine has brought the sunflowers along. They are looking right and left and not to the front. Next year I must remember to plant them in a south facing bed so, when looking at the bed, you can see their wonderful flowers. The allotment shed behind belongs to a lovely Eastern European lady. It is like a little home, with a free standing oven and copious bottles of raspberry vodka which she offers in place of coffee – I have not partaken!

6. Dahlias

My carefully colour co-ordinated planting for the dahlia bed has gone haywire. As I potted on my dahlia tubers, I was so sure I carefully transferred them with the correct label. However, this large dark maroon dahlia, labelled as ‘ Bahama Apricot’ is NOT apricot! It might be ‘Chat Noir’ which should be somewhere else in the allotment garden bed. Time will tell what colours the others turn out to be. Such is gardening life!

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13 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 29-06-2019

  1. It is hot here too on the East coast. We have high humidity and lots of dew at night which helps many plants with the heat index of 105. Thanks for sharing your gardening photos. Long live Gardeners! 🙂


  2. I’ve tried the 3 sisters method of planting corn & the beans always lose out. Undoubtedly there’s someone out there who knows the secret to getting the beans up the corn before the pumpkins take over, but that person is not me. So sorry about your cherry tree, but at least you have one handful of blueberries to look forward to. I’ve heard they’re difficult to grow – my father used to battle the birds every year, using muslin to cover them. I think the birds always won but that may’ve been because one or six of his seven children kept lifting the muslin to peek for berries.


    1. It’s good to read someone else had trouble getting 3 sisters to work. Maybe it’s better if you have an enormous field and not a small plot 😀.

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  3. Raspberry vodka! Sounds potent.


    1. I’m told by others it is VERY potent 🤪


  4. We haven’t had the heat down here. Fog! And wind. Such wind I have never known in summer time. Flattened everything and dried out all the pots. But the fog misted everything nicely again, though I still need to water the pots 🙂 Be nice to see that lily in flower, sounds interesting. I’m done with lilies, mine always get eaten by the S&S.


    1. We’ve had heat and strong winds – my patio pots must. Feel they are in a tumble dryer! I always think of Dallas and Southfork Ranch, it was always hot and windy 😀 but maybe you never saw the series and haven’t a clue what I’m talking about 🤣🤣

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      1. Haha… love the tumble dryer analogy! And yes, I did see the original Dallas 🙂

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  5. Very funny dahlia mix up, the garden is always surprising us! Wonder where the apricot will turn up? Perhaps your lily is a slow starter and will have a growth spurt sometime very soon. Whatever I am sure it will be beautiful. 🙂

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  6. You make me think of going to check my blueberries … I’m afraid of not having any more (usually I pick them mid June)
    Nice association corn, squash and beans: it was necessary to think about it!


    1. I certainly should have thought about asking what variety the squash is!

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  7. Your name made me laugh – I think I might be hurtlingto60too. It’s good to see some of the problems other people have.


    1. I was hurtling to Sixty in 2011 when I started the blog but then I caught the blogging bug, so now I’m Hurtledto60-The Retirement Years 🤪


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