Six on Saturday 1 June 2019

So here we are, the 1st of June, doesn’t time rattle on! There is so much going on in the allotment now I was spoilt for choice to select my six. I have decided, as I did a purple six last week, I would do white six this week.

1. Arum Lily

I found a very large Arum lily outside my shed about a month ago, no note attached, so I had no idea who had left it. Eventually the kind donator, an allotment neighbour, owned up. She had dug it up from her garden and thought I might like it. It now is very happy in its new home near the wildlife pond.

2. Campanula ‘persicifolia

This Campanula looks like a bunch of white flowers. It is glorious and unlike the clump forming variety it grow quite tall with big flowers. My only issue with this plant is the flowers go brown as they die and can make the plant look very untidy if not dead headed regularly.

3. ‘White Shade of Pale’ Rose

Not quite white but almost! When I made my allotment cottage garden, I planted 2 David Austin bare root roses in memory of my mum and dad. ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ by Procal Harem was a number 1 hit in1967 and my Mum loved it. She used to say it sent shivers down her spine. When I was looking through the David Austin catalogue, this one struck me as an ideal rose to remember my Mum by. My Dad’s rose is not out yet so I’ll not spoil things until I can photograph and share it.

4. Gaura ‘The Bride’

I bought two Gaura ‘The Bride’ for the allotment cottage garden and noticed, when taking my white flower photos, one of the plants is in flower, so it just had to be included in this week’s Six.

5. Foxglove ‘Alba’

This beautiful white foxglove was one of several plants I bought for the allotment wildlife area. It stands out like a little beacon and I love it. My colour scheme was for a blue/purple/white but as you can see from the pink Antirrhinumin the background not everything goes to plan.

6. Nigella

As with the Antirrhinum, grown by the previous plot owner, blue and white Nigella have self seeded all over my plot. Not only are they a pretty gentle and wispy flower, they have adhered to the colour palate and I am delighted to have them.

Thank you for reading my Six on Saturday and thank you The Propagator Blog for hosting this weekly meme. Hop over to his blog and take a look at what is happening in other contributors gardens.

15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 1 June 2019

  1. I agree w/your mother – that rose is very special. (Love the snapdragon, too!)


  2. What a lovely six this week. Love the Nigella and the foxglove. And plants that we remember family by are to be treasured indeed.


  3. Lovely looking rose. An ideal tribute. Love nigella but haven’t seen much sign of mine yet. I think I may have left it to late to sow.


  4. I love your white foxgloves. They were in my original plan for my rose garden but I went for peach in the end. White next year I think! I’ve sown Nigella or ‘love in a mist’ in a variety of colours this year in the hope that they will self seed. I love them and they make a great cut flower too.


  5. I’m so far behind with my arum lilly. Yours is encouraging me to keep faith. And my gaura is no where near flowering. Your allotment garden must be looking fabulous. All perfect flowers and always good to some that remind us of loved ones.


    1. Thank you. I am absolutely delighted with my ‘new’ garden, but as any gardener will agree, there is always room for improvement and change. That is what makes gardening so exciting.

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  6. I have some campanula persicifolia, but not the white one. At least I dont think it’s white, it hasn’t flowered yet.


  7. 40andfeelinit June 1, 2019 — 8:19 pm

    Loved your white six! The foxglove was especially beautiful with it’s little cheetah print inside there. Also love your Guara. It looks so pretty and delicate!


  8. Ah, the flowers are blending so nicely, and even sticking to your color scheme! I’m a big fan of the white blooms.


  9. I love a themed six and this was a goodie! That rose is very pretty indeed and what a lovely gift that Zantedeschia was. Imagine if we all left mystery gifts – the world may be a happier place.


    1. Hi 👋 you threw me for a moment giving the Arum it’s posh name! 🤣 Wasn’t that kind of her, it was a good week before she wandered up to say it was from her, I had been asking everybody nearby, and yes mystery gifts would make for a lovely world.


  10. That’s the foxglove I need to add some white to my border. Your Arum lily is divine – I always think they look as though they are not quite plants, but something quite different altogether. Also loving your rose – I am a sucker for pale pink roses.


  11. What a nice choice and what a beautiful white rose!
    I’m waiting for my white arums too, between 2 battles with the slugs…


  12. I have not been blog-reading as much as I used to so I’d not caught up with your allotmenting. Seems a lot of work and thought have already gone into it. Foxgloves are puzzling me at the moment. Different plants seems to be at such strikingly different stages in their growth / flowering.


  13. One Man And His Garden Trowel June 1, 2019 — 8:35 am

    Lovely rose and a nice way of remembering your mum.


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