Six on Saturday 25 May 2019

It is a short Six on Saturday, I’ve been up on the allotment all afternoon trying to plant my dahlias out but I’m having great difficulty with the hard clay soil. A pick axe wouldn’t go amiss! I am now exhausted.

My cottage garden plan to have a purple and white bed has come into fruition. Whilst there are still more plants to flower, such as Larkspur, Gaura and Day Lilies to name a few. My Six on Saturday has a definite purple theme.

1. Alliums

I bought a mixed bag of allium bulbs in November and planted 4 varieties into a small bed. The Christophii and Purple Sensation are in full bloom. I also planted Nigra, a white allium but that is not in full flower yet and the sphaerocephalon are quite a bit later in blooming.

2. Primula vialii

This is one of my all time favourites. I just love the purple and red together. I need to water it often, it likes moist ground and is not too happy with the dry weather, even though it is near the pond.

3. Penstemon barbatus Pina Colada Violet

This penstemon not only flowers early but is compact only growing to about 12″. It is new to me and I’m really pleased with the colour.

4. Scabious

When I took this photo this afternoon, I forgot to make a note of the variety. It was £2 plant from Wilko bought in March and looked very weak, but it has taken to its new home and flowering prolifically.

5. Cerinthe

Cerinthe is another of my all time favourites and was so pleased to see that it was already growing on my allotment plot. I have some small cerinthe plants I grew from seed this year before I knew I already had it, so am looking for a suitable place to plant them out.

6. Sweet Pea ‘Mammoth’

‘Mammoth’ is a mix of colours, and just one of the 4 varieties I am growing. As this is a purple theme I’ve only included purple sweet peas. It is a great feeling when you pick your first sweet peas of the year. The perfume is fabulous and I was so pleased to bring home a small posy for my lounge.

A big thank you to Mr Propagator who hosts the Six on Saturday, he has a great blog – please make a visit and see all the very many contributors, showing their weekly Six on Saturday.


  1. Those primula are fab arent they? Am growing some from seed this year. Still v small, just pricked them out yesterday. Next year for flowers i expect.


  2. Your purples are looking great & they remind me of plants I’ve let slip away such as that particular primula which once upon a time was a great fav of mine. Still is, but there’s none growing my garden at present. That sweet pea of yours is gorgeous. Look forward to seeing the other colours soon. What fruits have you inherited?

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    • Starting at the top by the shed there is a blueberry (in a sink), blackcurrants x 3, a gooseberry (pink I think), a redcurrant, a cherry tree, blackberries x 4 and loads of raspberries, not forgetting fabulous strawberries growing around the fruit bushes in 4 of the beds! I was a lucky girl to take over immediately from a lady who loved her plot.


    • Yes I am really happy to have a garden again the only downside is it’s not just outside the door but I’m lucky to have it. I’m growing lots of veg too and inherited quite a number of fruit bushes, so lots to keep me busy.


    • I was surprised to see this penstemon flower but when I read up about it, it is an early flowering variety. I tend to buy plants I like the look of and don’t always check size, position and flowering times 🤦‍♀️ I suppose I should be where is the fun in that? 😀

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  3. I LOVE how most of your six are two toned, or ombre colored! That effect is just so beautiful! I think your favorite, the Cerinthe is my fav too. The colors are just so interesting. And the leaves are reminding me of eucalyptus. So cool! That spikey Allium is gorgeous too! Great 6!

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    • I particularly like the really dark chocolate scabiosa but set myself the ridiculous idea of having a white and purple border, when cottage gardens should be a riot of colour 🤦‍♀️


  4. We have matching primulas! Nice scabious. Wilko has a lot of good bargains.


  5. You’re not the first to introduce the Primula vialii and I love it ! It’s rather different from common primulas. I will add some soon in my garden I guess.
    Nice Six and beautiful pictures


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