Six on Saturday – 20 April 2019

Goodness! I know I missed one Six on Saturday but didn’t realise my last SoS was on 23 March. Lots has moved on since then, everything is growing, including weeds and the warm weather we are having this Easter weekend will provide a big shot in the arm, not only to the plants but me too.

This week I’m going to show off my patio plants. The daffodils are over and have been replaced with some fabulous tulips.

1. Left hand side of the patio doors

When I moved here a year ago today, I brought most of my pots with me and positioned them with the light, cool, colours on one side and hot colours on the other. This I continued through the summer and winter. Seems like it will stay like that for the time being. I might mix it up when it comes to summer planting.

2. Tulip ‘Purissima

The ‘Purissima’ have stood tall and proud, even on windy days, it’s almost as though they have steel rods in their stems. Even when almost over, the middle of tulips is always worth a photograph.

3. Tulip ‘Queen of the Night’

As the ‘Purissima’ are starting to die down, the ‘Queen of the Night’ tulips are coming through. It was my intention to have them both flowering at the same time, thinking the contrast of dark purple and white would look really striking but I didn’t get timing quite right.

4. Right hand side of the patio doors

This side of the patio has the hot colours and gets more of a battering from the wind, also it is more frost prone. However, the plants have survived and although, looking at the photo now, the pansies should be with the white and purple display, they still look ok. This display consists of 3 containers of different height.

5. Tulip ‘Sun Lover’ and Tulip ‘Slawa’

‘Sun Lover’ and ‘Slawa’ are new tulips for me. I suppose if you are a tulip purist you might not like ‘Sun Lover’ but this variety is a blaze of colour and looks even better when it’s on its way out. I underplanted them with orange pansies giving a really hot display. The second tulip is ‘Slawa’ which I had to hunt for, is a deep burgundy with an orange tip. I love this tulip and will certainly grow lots more next year.

6. Tulip ‘Rococo’

When I moved here I bought ‘Rococo’ along with me, they flowered prolifically. Although not deliberate I left them in the planter. I wasn’t sure if they would appear again, but this beautiful dark red parrot tulip is struggling masterfully to flower again. Only 5 have appeared and they do look a little fragile but they will flower and I look forward to showing them off on a Six on Saturday in a few weeks.

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  1. ‘Sun lover’ is interesting and unusual. I like it. The petals are much more open than other tulips and these colors are really nice. Thank you for sharing it.
    Rococo looks by the shape like Blue parrot that I grow. It will bloom next week I guess


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