Such is Gardening Life

In April 2017, having always promised myself a tree peony, I bought a small plant with one bud which developed into beautiful large pink flower.

I potted it up when I moved last April and even though I carefully boxed it for the removal men the single bud was broken off so I didn’t have a flower in 2018. Imagine my joy to see 2 buds appear this year.

Those of you who follow me on social media will know I posted a photo of one of my tree peony buds which had been eaten by a critter of some sort.

With all the gardeners on social media I asked if someone could advise what it might be and what to do.

Several suggestions came back including thrips, eelworm and hoplia beetle (also known as rose chafer bug), all of which didn’t exactly match the condition of the plant.

A friend suggested as I was a RHS member I should contact them, which I did last night. First thing this morning I received the following:

With a little voice in my head saying “Just leave it”, much against my better judgement I removed the bud – sadly leaving only one remaining peony bud.

I carefully dissected it, expecting to see something nasty inside. NADA, RIEN, ZILTCH, NOTHING!

Whatever had eaten the bud didn’t even get through to the middle. There were no tiny wriggly worms, no eggs, no bugs or any sign of insect life. Just a beautiful tree peony bud ready to burst forth.

So I am none the wiser and left with only one bud on my tree peony! Such is gardening life.