Six on Saturday 23 March 2019

Today’s attempts to post have not been very successful. For some unknown reason the first two versions of Six on Saturday, one of which I actually hit the ‘publish’ button, disappeared, I couldn’t even find them in the Trash, which was very annoying. Then I was struck with a migraine so slept most of the day. I took some lovely spring photos today and wanted to share them. With a headache still banging I am going to post a short and sweet six spring photos for my Six on Saturday.

1. Daffodils

I have 6 of these daffodils in one of my patio pots and annoyingly can’t remember what they are called. I like the good old fashioned daff but these frilly middle ones are very pretty.

2. Tulips

After the white crocuses died off, right on time the tulips appeared. They have short stems for some reason, I’m hoping they’ll grow a little taller. As with the daffodils, I can’t remember what variety they are but they have a pretty yellow base to the flower.

3. Chinodoxia

I just love this delicate spring flower and was so happy to see them appear. The squirrels had most of the bulbs but at least some survived.

4. Magnolia

It was a bit murky this morning so the planned photo of this magnificent magnolia with a blue sky behind didn’t happen. This tree is next door and huge!

5. Cherry blossom

The cherry tree on my allotment plot is covered with tiny buds and within a week or so will look fantastic! Watch out for more photos.

6. Tree peony

To my horror this morning I saw one of the 2 buds on my young peony tree has been eaten. It looks like something has burrowed its way in. I posted a photo on Twitter and Instagram asking for advice but as yet I haven’t had a response from anyone. If you can help please let me know. Despite not knowing what pest to blame I have sprayed it with an organic bug mad larvae spray, just in case it helps.

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  1. Hope your migraine has receded Ronnie. I used to get those a lot, thankfully not so often now, but they are painful. My problem is the back! Getting better, but it is a slow process. Can’t help with the peony, sorry, I hate it when that happens to buds 😢


    • At the hangover stage today. I used to suffer regularly from a young age, these days they are a lot less frequent and are more of a sick headache with no flashing lights but still definitely a migraine So debilitating. No one can help with the peony. I was told today as an RHS member I can email them a photo directly they should be able to help.

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      • I used to get the flashing lights, like stars on the periphery. Only started in my thirties when I began a computer degree – whether it was working with computers, or straining to see the boards during lectures, who knows. They weren’t frequent, but always knocked me out for several days. Good luck with the RHS – let us know what they say.

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  2. I saw your tweet about the peony bud eaten. Sadly, I don’t have the right answer to give you back. I first thought of an earwig or a beetle, but I don’t know which one …
    Nice daffodil, so beautiful with these petals that we don’t see fluently


  3. Hope your headache has improved. I was hoping to take a photo of my cherry tree against a blue sky but like you it was too murky. I think I have that daffodil it appears every year a small clump but inevitably blows over as it is top heavy. No sign of buds on my tree peony yet


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