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Although books are great I am very much a visual/practical learner and have found learning from YouTube a great source of ‘How to Do’ information, as well as ‘How Not to Do’. I spend time watching and learning from YouTube videos and making notes in my trusty notebook. A month ago, on a whim, when at the allotment I thought it a fun idea to take a little video on my iPhone by way of a diary. LINK AT THE BOTTOM! I am now hooked and by no means will it replace my blog, it is another media form to enjoy.

I have subscribed to several Vlogs (to get the correct vernacular) and the ones I watch most often I list below:

Charles Dowding – No Dig Guru

Diary of a UK Gardener – Sean James Cameron

Lovely Greens

Horti Hugh

Lavender and Leeks

I’ve made a few Vlogs and learned to hold the iPhone sideways so I don’t get black lines down the sides, as I did with my first. Wind noise is a problem which I need to overcome. Don’t swing the camera around too fast, as it makes the viewer seasick! I have discovered iMovies, which helps me join several little videos together – there is no pause button on an iPhone. Also I’ve learned how to make a little introductory film.

Much against my better judgment I included myself in the latest one, thinking it would be a good idea for viewers to see who was talking. I held the camera too close and the woman in the video doesn’t look anything how I think I look!

There is still a lot more to learn, it is very much at the beginner stage but if you are interested in how my Plot 52a is looking and have 8 minutes to spare, please make yourself comfortable and watch. You are more than welcome to subscribe, or even comment, nice and constructive comments only please 😄.

LINK! LINK! ➡️ Hurtledto60 – A Diary of Plot 52A

2 thoughts on “Hurtledto60 Plot 52a – The YouTube Channel

  1. As someone who is hurtling toward eighty, you’ve given me the courage to give this a shot. You had some good tips and I never would have even thought about doing this if not for you. I’ll keep you posted.

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    1. Well done! You are never too old to learn new things, I’ll keep a watch out.


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