Six on Saturday 19/01/2013 (2019)

If you’re very observant you will notice the date – 19th January 2013.  Yes, 6 years ago, why?  I’m taking you back in time!

I told myself in 2019 I would not miss a Six on Saturday, a blog meme run every Saturday on The Propagator blog.   I have no excuse to fall at the third post, so with nothing to use for today’s post, this evening I trawled through my old posts to find one dated the 19th January, in any year, relevant to gardening. The closest I could get was the 18th January 2013 from my old garden in Worthing when it snowed!   I have edited it to remove a lot of the written word, just leaving you to view snowy garden photos taken 6 years ago this weekend.  


18 January 2013‘We Have Snow’

Here in the South of England on the Sussex Coast, we may get snow for a few days during the winter months.   The last heavy snow that hung around for days was in 2010.   Today, true to the forecasted weather (which we often take with a pinch of salt), it started to snow earlier this morning and now, mid-day, it is quite deep – for us anyway.  I suspect it is about 3 to 4 inches deep at the moment and it’s still snowing.

DSC_0366 (1024x639)
I love the way that snow changes the shape of things.  For example the bamboo cloches now look like little snow domes.
DSC_0358 (1024x678)
The garden looks very pretty in its white snowy overcoat.
DSC_0359 (1024x683)
DSC_0357 (1024x683)
Skimmia berries

DSC_0353 (1024x683)

And of course, there has to be snowdrops.

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  1. Love this look back at your snowy garden from 2013! The berries look so pretty up close, and the overall garden looks magical! I posted snowy garden pictures for my Six this week too!


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