Six on Saturday – 24/11/2018

I’ve had a busy week tidying up my patio pots, throwing out the summer plants and potting up the Geum ‘Mrs Bradshaw’ and Achillea ‘Terracotta’ from the large containers into smaller pots to overwinter. I’ve put a variety of spring bulbs – tulips, daffodils, Muscari and crocus into the empty pots. A bit like seeing a blank piece of paper that needs to be filled in I have an aversion to pots with nothing but a gravel topping.

I took a visit to our local garden centre and had a spend up! We have an issue with squirrels here, hence one of the pots with pea and bean netting on it. I ran out of plants hence it just being gravel (for the time being). The Christmas shop was so full of goodies, I couldn’t resist buying a few little robins! They might not deter the magpies and pigeons, but they are fun. Above are just a few of my winter pots, there are another six on the other side, but they are still full of flowering geraniums so not ready for winter just yet.

My Six on Saturday are the components of three of the pots, which are now also draped in lights, in case you wonder what the green wiring is, making them look very pretty in the evenings – in my humble opinion anyway.

Pot one

1. Variegated Osmanthus

2. Hellebore Nigra

When hunting for hellebores I found it frustrating that the larger garden centres such as Wyevale and Hilliers sell them in large pots between £11-£13. All I wanted was a couple of small ones, and was delighted to find them in Keydell nurseries, in Hordean at £3 a pot. There I also found osmanthus at £2.80 and a couple of ivies for under £2; that is the difference between a local independent nursery and chains.

Pot Two

3. Winter cherry – Solanum pseudocapsicum

4. Gaultheria

5. Mini Cyclamen

The Winter Cherries look like mini tomatoes but give height and brightness to the display with contrast to the dark red cyclamen and gaultheria berries. None of the plants will fill out as much as summer bedding but I am hoping they will grow a little bigger.

Pot Three

6. Skimmia Japonica ‘Rubella’ and more cyclamen

There is always a plethora of red, white and pink cyclamens in garden centres but I fell in love with the unusual very dark red variety and they particularly go well with the Skimmia.

Please pay a visit to The Propagator’s Blog who not only hosts the weekly Six on Saturday, has lots of other really interesting and informative blog posts.

UPDATE … winter pots all lit up

14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 24/11/2018

  1. I love those pots & agree w/Chicu, it looks very seasonal. Those lights are fab, too! I take it they’re solar. Must get some myself. The skimmia & cyclamen are great – how could anyone not like them? – but that winter cherry is really something else. You done good, as they’d say at home.


    1. Thank you Lora. The lights are battery operated outdoor lights. Although they have a waterproof seal, I’ve also put them in waterproof containers just to be extra safe. I get very little sun in the winter months on the patio and solar lights are not always successful. I love the winter cherry. I used two for my daughter’s hanging baskets with orange pansies and violas – they look very colourful.

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      1. Wow, that sounds nice!


  2. I have resisted buying hellebores because they seem so pricy. Perhaps i can buy small and wait for them to grow on. Your pots are looking good. Im afraid i do have a few with just gravel dressing – waiting for crocuses to appear.


    1. Oh I do have a few gravel only pots and the crocuses are peeping through already. Regarding hellebores, I’m sure in the past you could by trays of small hellebores but that doesn’t happen anymore. The little ones I found were in 3” pots ideal for container planting. I’ll then move them into perment planting late spring.


  3. Garden centres are SO expensive!


    1. I agree, such a markup. That’s why independent nurseries are so valuable.


  4. Those pots look fantastic. I always put mine to bed out of sight behind the garage over winter, but you’ve provided the inspiration that they can be beautiful (and festive). The robins really made me smile. I’d get some myself, although I don’t know what my cats would do to them.

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comments.


  5. What a colour display to brighten up grey winter days. I LOVE the idea of adding lights.

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  6. It looks like Christmas already! I would love to see your pots with the lights on!

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    1. I’ve added a photo at the end of the blog post 😄😄


  7. Many beautiful colors in your six. I’m surprised to see the hellebore already in bloom … mine are late but it’s normal because they are in the ground


    1. I bought them from the garden centre where they were kept under cover. I was a bit concerned to take them from a sheltered environment immediately outside when the temperature is low, but they don’t seem to have gone into shock.

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