Six on Saturday With a Difference

I’ve missed two Six on Saturday’s so catching up. Last Saturday was the scattering of my Dad’s ashes off the Isle of Wight on a very windy, icy cold day and rocking boat (🤢). The weekend prior to that I had a short break in a very sunny St Ives, Cornwall. So I am being naughty and going slightly against the rules, again! I had intended to write this blog last weekend but didn’t manage it and I really did want you to see the photos I took.

Therefore it is photos of a beautiful garden in St Ives, although a couple of weeks late, I am sharing my 6. Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture garden contains over 40 sculptures, nestled in amongst plants. Each piece is numbered and there is a laminated sheet giving details, but I forgot to collect one so with apologies I can’t tell you anything about the sculptures, but hope you like them. It was fascinating looking in and around each piece to view a different aspect.







That is my cheats Six on Saturday and please hop over to The Propagator’s blog to view what is happening in other people’s gardens this first Saturday in November.


  1. Hmmm. You might read about a sculpture and what the sculptor intended it to represent and that’s what it becomes. Or you can just look and let your imagination run riot. Which is much more fun. I see the second as a rose bloom opening (probably nothing like the original intention) and the fourth as two people dancing, for example. And they all seem to “fit” their place. Nice.

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  2. Somewhat inevitably, I live in Cornwall and it’s probably twenty years or more since I went to the Barbara Hepworth place. I like the idea of sculpture in my garden but the chances of finding something that both Sue and I like, and then being able to afford it, seem so vanishingly small that it’s not worth pursuing. Perhaps I could do my own.

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