Six on Saturday in Vivid Colour 30 June 2018

A regular Six on Saturday can leave a bit of a challenge when you only have patio pots.  I didn’t really do myself any favours last week when I posted close up photos of my pots, leaving me not a lot new photos to post this week.   However, always one for a challenge, the idea this week was to take macros of six carefully chosen flowers.

On downloading I realised I had the camera set on vivid colour mode – I love the exceptional bright colours so rather than edit them here are my Six on Saturday in vivid colour!

1.  Dahlietta ‘midi pinta’


2.  Patio Rose ‘sweet wonder’


3. Scaevola ‘euphoia blue’


4. Gaillardia ‘Arizona sun’


5. Fuchsia ‘genii’


…and for a spot of cool colour on a hot June day:

6. Angelonia ‘’angelface’


With thanks to The Propagator Blog for hosting this weekly meme.  Please use the link to his blog where you will see some wonderful photos of known and unknown plants shown by him and other contributors to Six on Saturday.


8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday in Vivid Colour 30 June 2018

  1. Lovely colours. I like your rose,and always have a soft spot for fuchsia.

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  2. You pack so much into your patio pots and looks like you have had fun with the vivid colour mode!

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    1. Thank you. The wonderful thing about having a front facing flat is that everyone passing can enjoy the flowers too.

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  3. I like the vivid colours, too. The flowers you photo-ed certainly deserve to be seen as vivid! That rose is exceptional. Angelonia is new to me & a really lovely plant. Great Six – you definitely met the challenge!

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    1. Thanks I love the way the fuchsia has come out – very vivid! The Angelonia apparently is also called a ‘summer snapdragon’ I think it looks more like a stock.


      1. The fuschias are great, too. When I saw the angelonia flower, I thought snapdragon until I saw the leaves, so I see where the name comes from. Is it scented?


        1. Not too sure it’s planted with nemesia ‘Wisley vanilla’ which is highly scented so it’s hard to tell.


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