In a Vase on Monday – Perfect Peonies

Ok, I’m going to be very honest these are Waitrose bought peonies. They are so beautiful I couldn’t resist. Although peonies in a vase may not last long it is wonderful to be able to have a week or two enjoying them.

I found a vase I don’t often use because of the narrow neck and wide top – not all flowers lend themselves to this design because they need more support or maybe it’s my poor floral design technique! However the peonies seem to suit this shape.

What I found of interest was that although all the buds were the same size at point of sale, they have all developed at different times. This was of benefit which has been great for this short post because I managed to take a number of photos of peonies at various stages of development.

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  1. They’re lovely things and I don’t blame you at all for bringing them home. In fact, I did the very same thing a couple of weeks ago as those silly flowers refuse to bloom in my climate.

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  2. So very pretty! I’ve been tempted to buy some peonies blooms myself as I’ve none of the big doubles in my garden.


  3. Oh Ronnie, I see you have moved and no longer have a garden of your own… 😦 Will you still ahve places for some of the pots you mentioned? I am sure you will find ways to compromise in due course. In the meantime, thank you for sharing these peonies which are indeed perfect. I find the shape of your vase is a great way of splaying the blooms out, as long as you don’t try and stuff too many into the narrow neck

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    • Hi! Yes I have a patio packed full of plants – getting into container gardening. I’m also caretaking an allotment until one comes up. Still doesn’t make up for being able to step out of the back door into my own garden, but hey ho life is full of compromises.

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