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Saying Farewell

I moved to Worthing in February 2001, seventeen years ago after buying a large ground floor flat in a Victorian conversion. I bought it because it had its own rear garden, albeit overgrown with ivy, not only over all the stone walls but through the borders and lawn. I lovingly restored it, turning it into… Continue reading Saying Farewell

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Six on Saturday – 7th April 2018

I really should think carefully and plan when I'm going to blog to make sure that when I publish a post it doesn't coincide with specific meme's, such as 'Six on Saturday' hosted by The Propagator Blog. That is just what I have done - two posts in one day! Nature has taken a bit… Continue reading Six on Saturday – 7th April 2018

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Restoring a Hampshire Garden – Chapter 2

KEEPING IVY AND HER FRIEND HONEYSUCKLE IN THEIR PLACE This latest task wasn't so much a restoration job, but a 'let's see what we have here' job. There are times when this is necessary to help see the bigger picture. The garage, strangely built at the back of the house taking up some of the… Continue reading Restoring a Hampshire Garden – Chapter 2