When Winter Meets Spring!


I have been writing my blog since January 2011, it provides me with seven years to look back on and compare seasons, year on year.  This year, 2018, in West Sussex we had a visiting of snow a few weeks ago, a little more yesterday and when I woke this morning there was more snow, but unlike other parts of the country, fortunately it was not a heavy covering.


Everything in the garden is way behind, when I look back over the years, it was full of daffodils and narcissi by the middle of March. The above photo was taken on 13 March 2017, there isn’t anything to match that this year. I know all too well that nature catches up eventually, but today was a picture of when Winter meets Spring.  I quite like that thought and it gave me the idea to capture and post some photos to depict this clash of seasons.

My last photo is of the first early tulips this year.  They are  a variety called Kaufmanniana, although nowhere near advanced as last year as you can see from last year’s blog post A Tulip Surprise at least they are making an appearance which means that Spring is just around the corner.

Let us hope that this is the last of the snow, although I do have memories of snow at Easter in past years. It is so sad as it damages blossom on the trees and beautiful flowers like camellias.