The Early Days of Retirement


I’m into Day 5 of retirement and already beginning to realise that it is not like a ‘Stay-at-Home’ holiday from work. During those such weeks I always felt I was up against time as there were jobs to be done before trudging back to the daily grind.

Already I am losing track of what day it is! No wonder my Mum insisted on having a daily newspaper, not to read but to remind her of the date. Thank goodness for the iPhone calendar.

Last night, because I was dealing with a few financial matters, I didn’t get to bed until after midnight, very late for me. As a person who needs a certain number of sleep hours, I would usually panic knowing full well that I had an early start the next day and without my allotted hours I wouldn’t function properly. When I finally got into bed, the voice in head told me that it didn’t matter anymore I could wake up when I wanted to – oh what joy!

One important thing I need to learn is that it is ok to dawdle, I can take life at an easier pace, there is no rush to get things done. That stomach churning panic of I’ve got this to do and have that to do and all must be done within a time scale. Not any more! It doesn’t matter as long as it is done eventually. There is a little tinge of guilt if I spend all morning doing something that should only take an hour or two and not taking out the vacuum cleaner. I didn’t like housework when I was working so I am not miraculously like doing it now. Any way why should I feel guilty?

An explanation for the pic of Little Book of Positivity:- I’m going to use it to write down things I need to do and tick them off as they are done. This is another lesson for me to learn, make lists, write notes, don’t carry it in my head – I have never been a list writer, leaving thoughts and worries whirling around in my brain, not a good idea.

It is an odd feeling knowing I don’t have to go back to the office after a few days at home. I suppose it will really strike me when pay day comes around and my bank balance fails to jump up, even if the good looking balance was only temporary.

If you are retired how did you manage the early days?

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