Dusting off the Camera for Spring

Technology can make you lazy.   Especially mobile phone cameras which are becoming increasingly more sophisticated.  I don’t know about you but I have fallen into the trap of whisking my phone out from my pocket to photograph something that has taken my eye.  My trusty, now old, Nikon DSLR has been lingering in the cupboard far too long; today I dusted it off, charged up the battery and gave it an airing.  Spring bulbs for macro photography.


All the signs of Spring around the corner are slowly beginning to appear, something I always find exciting.  I have no idea what the variety of snowdrops in the garden are but they are so pretty.

DSC_0951 (2)

Outside the kitchen door, in the flowerbed opposite, there is the prettiest, gentle, dark pink Hellebore.



Like the snowdrops, they were inherited plants when I moved in 17 years ago so this is another plant variety without a name.


I can name this Spring bulb –  it is Crocus ‘Firefly’ and part of the many bulbs I potted up at the end of last year and carefully labelled.


These are dwarf Iris Reticulata ‘Gordon’, when they flower this iris is light blue, with golden orange on outer petals. Looking forward to showing pics of this delicate iris.

DSC_0963A few weeks ago I took a gamble and dug up the Tree Peony I bought in April 2017, and gave it a new home in a pot on the patio.  With a house move on the cards, this is one plant I am not going to leave behind.   I am so pleased to see that it has settled down and is producing leaf buds, which look like tiny hands with multiple fingers.


Finally, a surprise!   These tiny black olives seem to have survived the frost, howling winds and torrential rain during the winter months.   Fortunately, this Olive tree is also in a pot, so one more for the yet to be found new home.

7 thoughts on “Dusting off the Camera for Spring

  1. Lovely photos, so worth using a “proper” camera! Good luck with the house hunting!


  2. I always regret not being so “camera happy” when the garden was just three large lawns and subsequently as I developed it. I have about six years for which only my memory serves to remind me of what I did when. Now I take a set of photos from fixed points every month to record the little changes. Or, more accurately, to record the long list of jobs I haven’t got round to yet. I rarely use the phone camera unless the shot opportunity is a fleeting one. How’s the house hunting going?


    1. I got into the bad habit of using my phone camera – useful for diary pics as record of how things are getting on during the year but to take artful floral and foliage photographs (especially for a blog) you can’t beat a good proper camera. Re house hunting – nothing yet. I can understand on the TV house hunt progs people say they’ve looked at 100+ houses. I’m not in those realms yet!!


  3. Lovely lovely photos! I too have gone to my IPhone for most of my photos, but when I see photos like these I want to get out the DSLR!


    1. Thank you. Trouble with big cameras is that they are big and all that focusing and apertures etc gets in the way, but when you see the results you remember it was worth it.


      1. Yes, I know exactly what you mean, and have had to adapt for some of my travels!


  4. Yes, and I forgot how to digitalize mine! Penelope in Maine


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