Project ‘New Home’ has Commenced

Project New Home has commenced!

Step One – I’ve accepted an offer on my home with a planned completion by Easter.

Step Two – Conveyancing solicitors have been instructed and the Property Information form completed and returned. I’m waiting now for my Buyer’s lender to send the surveyor.

My emotions spin around like a tumble drier from excitement to panic at the prospect. Whilst I’m totally against using age as an excuse for doing anything, the last time I moved I was nearly 20 years younger and fitter. I’m doing this on my own and whilst I don’t remember feeling the need for advice and support then, I get waves of the need for a shoulder to rely on.

At this stage you might be asking why am I moving, if I feel like this. There are lots of reasons, mainly financially driven following my retirement at the end of this month (😀🎉🎊😀) but also I am in need of a change and I’m not tied to where I live now after Mum’s death in June 2017. Of course I have good friends here and being within travel distance to visit is being taken into account.

The above photo is looking over the Solent from the Isle of Wight. Why the Isle of Wight?

Step Three – This is one place I’m going to investigate, the first of a few areas. Some friends have thrown their hands up in horror “What on earth do you want to live there for?” I like the Isle of Wight, it’s a holiday island yet it is still accessible to family and friends. I’m not too concerned about the ferry to the mainland. There are some lovely interesting places including Ventnor with the wonderful Ventnor Botanic Garden and you can’t forget Osborne House.. Step Four – I have booked a hotel stay on the Isle of Wight for a couple of days to have a good old recce to see what is on offer. There are only so many hours I can spend looking at Rightmove on the Internet, I need reality.

Meanwhile, my joke is that I will be The Lady in the Van and find a drive to park in. There is always that option!!!

12 thoughts on “Project ‘New Home’ has Commenced

  1. How exciting. When we moved to Malvern we didn’t know where we would end up living we jut upsticks. It’s nice not to have any ties so you have a free range. My advice would be to listen to you instincts not your head.

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  2. Do you have a van? 🙂
    This is a good time of year to look for a place as one will not get swayed by lovely summer appearances. They say if you like it in this season, you will like it in all seasons. I just thought though, unless it’s a place that gets hot in summer, as far as I am concerned.

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  3. I wish you all the best for your impending move. Moving is one of life’s biggest changes so feeling both excitement and panic is very natural, especially leaving a loved garden. You have made the right decision and that’s the main thing.
    My sister and husband have lived on the Isle of Wight for over 50 years and love it, as do I every time I visit. But good luck in your search wherever that might be.

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