2018 Will Be A New Start

Watch this space! The new ‘Hurtled to 60’ blog will be unwrapped soon.

After 4 months of my blog lying dormant, I am picking up the reins again. 2018 is going to be an exciting, if not a somewhat scary year. I had always intended to retire from my job in July 2018, my 67th birthday. However an unexpected and unwanted move at work to a different team made me rethink my plans. I was given no choice on this move, but then I realised I had two choices, accept it or leave, so I chose the latter.

YESTERDAY I GAVE MY EMPLOYER NOTICE OF MY RETIREMENT – eek! My last day of working will be 25th January.

The other big change in my life is I AM MOVING and leaving my beautiful garden. I have accepted an offer on my flat and am looking for a new place to lay my hat, not forgetting a place for my garden tools and many pots.

My ‘Hurtled to 60’ blog will follow my new ventures in 2018, two of the biggest steps in one’s life. Going into the unknown is nerve wracking but an adventure.

Please continue to follow my search for a new home with a garden and adjusting to life in retirement.

10 thoughts on “2018 Will Be A New Start

  1. Exciting times ahead for you, Ronnie. I look forward to hearing all about it. I can recommend retirement, you will be busy. We moved house this year and have a new garden to work on. We are enjoying our new projects. xx


  2. Double congratulations! Escaping to the world outside your job may seem a daunting step now but in a few months’ time you’ll be wondering why you didn’t tunnel out earlier. And you’ve got the fun of making a new garden (or developing an old one) to look forward to. And I’m looking forward to hurtling along with you on your new adventures. Good luck with everything.


  3. Good luck with the house search sometimes we need a little nudge to send us spinning in a new direction, enjoy the ride


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