Tulips from Worthing

Unfortunately my plans to tick a visit to the Amsterdam Tulip fields off my list went awry this year.  I have consoled myself with my tulips from Worthing.   I am more than delighted with the display and the thought I had gone overboard buying bulbs last year has proved me wrong.  You can never buy too many tulip bulbs! 

As well as using containers, I planted bulbs in the open border and these are Sweetheart, Purissima and Yellow King with a few pink Botanical mixed.   They have combined well with the white narcissi Botanical Thalia.

On the side patio most of the containers have tulips left over from last year – the pink are Angelique which are not as good this year.  The new bulbs are lovely red Tulip Kaufmanniana and you can see there is also a white one.   The yellow/white Tulip is Sweetheart and I think is a perfect partner with narcissi. 

 There is one solitary Grand Perfection left over from last year.  I like this one so will make a not to buy more for 2018.   I grew them in 2016 with Ronaldo and the combination was quite striking. 

This interesting tulip is a double fringed variety called Bastia – it isn’t quite open so as I write this on a Sunday morning I can’t show it to its full glory, but if you check out the link you will see what it will look like.  I suspect it’s a tulip equivalent of Marmite, you will love it or hate it. 

I found this year that the tulips took a while to open but once open, the petals fell quite quickly. Perhaps it’s because it’s been really quite warm this last week.   I hope you’ve liked what you see and would be interested in seeing your favourite tulips to give me some ideas for 2018.  

2 thoughts on “Tulips from Worthing

  1. I’m pleased that the Sarah Raven tulip collections which I planted in containers in autumn 2015 for flowering spring 2016 have survived to flower again this spring. There are some lovely colour combinations. And to think that I didn’t used to like tulips!

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  2. I love tulips too and this year have grown them in very large pots. In fact I made two three layer tulip lasagnes copying some recommendations from Sarah Ravens catalogue. She is excellent at choosing colour and size combinations. My favourite is Venetian… a bit pricey but so beautiful… simple single tulip three colour combination. I have also planted wallflowers in cream and dark rose pink to accent them. I will be sad when this early tulip flowering of 2017 is over ! Irises next then aliens and agapanthus!
    Happy Days Jeni

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