Me, My Camera and Macros

A few (!!) years ago I was given a Nikon DSLR camera for my 60th birthday.  For months afterwards I took it everywhere with me, annoying the life out of friends, stopping to take photographs and trying to get everything just right.

Most of them consider me to be a bit of a techie, but I still can’t get to grips with apertures, ISO, focusing and shutter speeds.  I even went to evening classes on How to Know Your Camera.  Sadly obtaining the correct modes continue to allude me.   Whilst I appreciate the joy of finding the uploaded photograph is exactly what I wanted (a rare occurrence) I chicken out and resort to the point and click routine.  My iPad and iPhone, with a little cosmetic tweaking courtesy of editing, produce what I feel are adequate but not perfect photographs for my blog.  I upload them with the slight disappointment they could be better – I think I am a latent perfectionist.

I have decided after all this time, I will not let my DSLR languish at the back of the cupboard.  With Silent Sunday in mind I left my iPhone in the house and ventured out into the garden to practice macros.  Actually this was the first time in 4 days I have been out there in the daylight and a lot has happened since then.


What a delight it was to see the beautiful little Iris Reticula, a vivid blue in the sunshine and glistening with raindrops.   They are in the flower bed by the house which, when deciding where to plant bulbs last autumn, I chose to pack with spring bulbs.  The Iris are the first to bloom and I am hoping that shortly there will be an impressive display of colour with daffodils and tulips.


I played around with the ISO, focal length and aperture, without a clue of what I was doing. According to the photo properties the f-stop is f8 and the focal length is 45mm all of which still mean absolutely nothing to me.   With a little bit of help using the edit program and the vignette I produced the above.

There is particular Iris I am very fond of and that is ‘Katharine Hodgkin‘, it is so delicate.  Unfortunately, only two flowers appeared this year, but they were last years bulbs left in a pot so I was lucky to get anything.


This is another photo of ‘Katharine Hodgkin’ which I played about with and used the vignette mode.  I can’t quite work out how to get one photo posted on WordPress as a circular, it seems that you can only do this when posting multiple pics, but if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Finally, getting a little more confident with twisting and twiddling the lens and buttons on my Nikon I took several photographs of the Hellibores in the garden.  I love the circle of little seeds that look like a wreath.

You can see that this post became more than Silent Sunday!



  1. Lovely photos! Amazing how quickly the garden changes at this time of year , and a few days can make a huge difference. Loving Iris Reticulata in your garden. Mine have only just come out, and for some reason are late this year. Are yours late too, Ronnie?

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    • Hi! Yes mine were very late and over quicker than I remember too. I think several people have also noted iris are late. My daffs were late too, but Tete-a-Tete have now made an appearance.


  2. When I ventured beyond the realm of the cheapo camera that had four settings – on, off, flash on, flash off – and a rudimentary zoom, I got scared. Then a photographer told me to get a notepad and pen and read the manual, making, as I went along, a simple list of all the various features and settings and what they did. Step 2 was to get them in my “order of importance”. Step 3 was to start on number 1 in my ordered list and concentrate just on that until I’d mastered it and got it into my memory bank. Only then move on to the next thing on my list.

    It worked! Now I can turn my camera on, get all the settings right first time and I’m ready to to take that perfect shot a mere 20 seconds after that bird has flown off.

    But I still carry that cheapo camera around in my pocket. It’s so easy to set I’m ready for the photo before the bird has even landed 🙂

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    • I know I should be but I get impatient when I can’t understand things. Even a 6 week course and a book about photography hasn’t helped. All of which is very frustrating, as I’m usually so quick in picking things up. Also I find the camera heavy to carry about, and the iPhone is so quick and easy. I will persevere though 🙂


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