In a Vase on Monday – Winter foliage

Notwithstanding the rain, I was determined to find something in the garden for In a Vase on Monday.  If you have a garden, there is always something that can be used.

Actually it was not as easy as I thought it would be to collect some colour.  I picked some cotoneaster branches because they were looking really bright with a mass of red berries against the dark brown twiggy stems.  However, most of the berries dropped off all over the work surface and kitchen floor as I was arranging them so I ended up with bare brown twigs!  Fortunately most of the berries stayed put on the SKimmia so I kept the red I needed.

I popped out in the rain again as I could see out of the kitchen window the Pieris was looking good, so collected a few branches.  I have never used them as foliage before but looking at them now I see what I have missed out on.

Then there was locating an interesting vessel for my foliage.  On the top of my kitchen cabinets out of sight and out of mind, there is an array of jugs, vases and tea pots.  I can’t remember where this tall elegant teapot came from but, after washing off the dust,  it makes a great vase.

Happy  In a Vase on Monday!  Thank you Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme which is a great kick start to blogging in 2017.


  1. Colder climates are best for nice bright berries. I always notice them when I go down to Christchurch to visit my sister.


  2. The skimmia berries are gorgeous and look almost unreal and you are right about the pieris foliage. We have certainly found with this meme that we look at things in a completely different light and find things we would never have considered putting in a vase before. Thnaks for sharing today Ronnie ps glad you too are having to dust your ‘vases’ before you use them!!


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