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In a Vase on Monday – Cheerful Cosmos


“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” – Oscar Wilde

One of the greatest things about blogs and Instagram is that it is full of ideas which sets the mind racing, well it does mine anyway.   You can see something and think wow, I could do that, and this is exactly what happened when I saw my blogger friend Elizabeth Musgrave from Welsh Hills Again had posted  a pretty photo of flowers in a mug on Instagram.    I ask her forgiveness for taking her idea and posting my version for In a Vase on Monday.


After a considerable amount of heavy rain, and an unseasonable wind,  there is a lot in the garden lying flat, including the Ladies Mantle Achemilla Mollis which is now almost past its prime.   I find if I use it for arrangements when it gets to this stage, it just sheds seeds and makes a bit of a mess.   Fortunately I managed to cut a few sprigs that were still a lovely lime green before it changed to a manky khaki.


The one lesson I still need to grasp is that anything will make a vessel for flowers.  I am still in the mindset that a flower arrangement equals the need for a purpose made vase.  This, of course, is total rubbish!  The above mug is a very pretty shape and from Laura Ashley.  I chose it because the colours match the shades of the Cosmos from the garden and is an ideal height for a small posy.


This is an ‘aerial’ view of today’s posy.  I have grown from seed a large and varied selection of Cosmos this year, some have single petals and others have the interesting double petals known as Sea Shells.  I have added some Verbena Bonariensis, which is always good for colour without taking up space.


You see, I am beginning to learn a few things about making an In a Vase on Monday. Pop over to Cathy’s blog In a Vase on Monday.

10 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Cheerful Cosmos”

  1. The Cosmos complements the butterflies on the mug perfectly! I always forget to consider the mugs in my cabinets when looking for a vessel too.

  2. Hi Ronnie,

    Lovely little posy you have there!

    Very windy here today, making it rather cold. It’s a far cry from yesterday’s sunbathing on the grass.

  3. The mug is a great shape for flowers with the splayed-out rim, and the perfect colour for your cosmos and alchemilla. I think we all know exactly what you mean about the change of alchemilla from lime green to khaki! Thanks for joining us today 🙂

  4. The pretty cosmos look so cheerful and the mug makes a perfect vase. Your remark about the verbena is so astute–it does need so little space in a vase or in the garden, yet adds color–very useful plant. /susie

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