In a Vase Monday – Colour, Colour, Colour

There is a lot of bright colour in the garden, so today I have made a small collection of orange, pinks and purples.

I’ve used:

– crocosmia

– cosmos

– calendula

– verbena bonariensis

Climbing on the small step ladder to look at the collection on the top of the kitchen cupboard I chose a bright Spanish vase.  I don’t use this very often because I think it detracts from the flowers but on this is occasion it compliments.

Thank you Cathy from Rambling in the Garden for hosting this Monday meme.  Cathy has also gone for bright colours lets see how many other bloggers have done the same.


  1. Oh that vase is perfect, Ronnie – and yes, yours is sizzling too and I don’t think we need to fight over whose is sizzling more … 🙂 The pinks really add something to yours – too bad I didn’t find my pink dahlia has opened until this afternoon!

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