3 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – Blue Delph

  1. Hi Ronnie,

    I assume your agapanthus is doing well this year?

    Mine has the stems on it! I’ve had this plant over 10 years and it’s flowered only once before with a single bloom. Now is a wet year it had three. I give up.
    My angel’s fishing rod also has three stems on it and performing only slightly better than the agapanthus over the last 10 years.


    1. Sorry that was meant to be three stems on the agapanthus not the stems. Grr autocorrect.


    2. My agapanthus at home are doing well this year. The photographs were taken of a plant I gave my Son in law for his birthday last year. It is in a large square pot on their patio. Just before they went away for 10 days they thought it was only going to be a pot of leaves this year, on their return a couple of weeks ago they were really excited to see it had 5 stems. I couldn’t get over the wonderful dark purple blue colour.


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