In a Vase Monday

Just a short post for In a Vase Monday but one that really would be best with smelly vision.

My old mum (now 97!) grew sweet peas for years  and I grew up loving these beautifully scented pretty flowers.  I grow them now, especially for her, and take bunches on my visits to her nursing home.   Her sight is not good but she will sit and smell them with a big smile on her face.

This year, as usual,  I raised them from seed and planted them out in the garden earlier this year.  I normally use Old Fashioned Mixed.  They have sturdy, long stems and when I have them in the house I put them in a plain white vase I found in a charity shop.  It is a simple shape which compliments the sweet peas.


Please pay a visit to Monday and take a look at the othe In a Vase on Monday photos.


  1. Sweet peas are such a simple delight, aren’t they, and bring such evocative memories for many people – thank you for sharing them. I love the range of shades in your mix and am going to think carefully about which ones I grow for next year

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  2. We must be on the same wave length! My to do list today is plant sweet peas that are big enough to transplant. Nice sunny winters day after storms and lots of rain last week. Saturated soil but I have two recycling bins that the sweet peas will be planted in. I have also planted the short traily ones and they are growing well. Haven’t had sweet peas for over three years so HAD to have them again – I missed them and their beautiful smell. I have lots of worm weez so when needing watering will use some.

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  3. There are few flowers that give as much enjoyment as sweet peas. My own are gone – taken out by the miserable heatwave at the start of summer here – but it’s nice that I can enjoy yours.

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