In a Vase Monday – After the Rain

There is a delightful meme, called ‘In a Vase Monday’ hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.   I joined in a few times last year but not regular basis.   I remembered it today after torrential rain this morning and a garden damage inspection, when it cleared and the sun came out.


My Monday vase is my favourite jug, and should you look back on old posts you may well see it a lot. It’s just the right depth for those flowers that have had to be pruned due to damage of one sort or another. Also, the raised lip keeps the heads standing straight.

It consists of two stems of Veronica, a couple of Philadelphus (mock orange), two white Nigella (Love in a Mist), a stem of  Astrantia, white Hydrangea ear, a piece of Penstemon (Garnet) and last but not least a Joie de Vivre rose bud.  Surprising what you can get into a small vase.


6 thoughts on “In a Vase Monday – After the Rain

  1. I love the look of that white veronica – but that’s just one of a lovely selection and your vase will bring you much pleasure during the week. Even better that some of the contents have been resued!

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  2. I have’nt grown love-in-the-mist for ages – so pretty. Admire astrantias but never grown it. Maybe needs cooler conditions than mine. Shortest day here blilmmin cold, bleak 11 degrees.


  3. Ooh, more Astrantias! I can’t grow them myself and have just been admiring them in Anna’s vase (Green Tapestry). We have had so much rain here too, a great excuse for cutting flowers to bring indoors for safety! 😉 Your jug really does look ideal with the narrower top, and very pretty too!

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