The Purple Phase

I love the way the colours change during the seasons.  In the spring, my garden was in its yellow phase, with daffodils, primroses and forsythia.  Then came the blues – forget me nots and bluebells.  Now it has entered its purple phase.

The shades vary from the Lilac in the front garden, (I’m sure is paler this year)…

…to the pretty Campanala scrabbling across the garden front walls. 

Last year I planted  a Johnsons Blue Geranium and it sulked, but this year it has decided that it will flower – only one at the moment but there are more buds.  Despite its name, I include this geranium in the purple shades category.

The Chives are looking good, especially contrasting in colour next to the Fennel.

When mentioning colour contrast, these larger alliums look good with the acid green Euphorbia as a backdrop.

The smaller alliums are flowering, despite some of them being ravaged by tiny snails who were eating the outer sheath of the flower.  You can make out the Astrantia behind just beginning to flower.

Finally, on the purple theme there are the dark purple Iris in the front garden.  The slugs and snails have been a nightmare and totally stripped the leaves.  I picked off 4 snails on the flower buds this morning.  I wish they would leave them alone.   

The more lush green leaves are Day Lilies and they will flower when the garden is in its summer red and orange phase. 


  1. Love those purples -don’t get to be an old lady before you start wearing also!!! Not much lilac in Auckland – I think a bit warm. Just love the smell – more in South Island. i once stayed in a B&B in Kent and there were lots of different lilacs in the garden – ohhhh the smellll! Winter suddenly hit us – from summer clothes to jeans and jumpers in a few days! Snow in the south Island and some people trapped in snow. They were on a 4×4 wheel outing up the back of Roxburough up high and got caught out. Pretty weird as they are the adveturous types who usually know the dangers. 2′ of snow just heard. Enjoy your garden! I am still waiting for my sweet pea seeds to pop up but anemones are now 3″ high. Seeds that I chucked over bank also up so hoping for lots of random flowers in the spring.


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