Garden Photography Challenge : January – A Winter Garden

It’s been quite a while since I’ve stepped up to the plate when it comes to photography challenges, so I was excited to feel stirred into action with this new monthly challenge.

I have just scraped in this month.  Today, Sunday, is a very dank and drear, which makes taking photos even more of a challenge as the soggy lawn squished under foot, however these capture the garden in winter at the end of January.

My spring pots, full of daffodil and tulip bulbs, are poking through a little early.

The damp trunk of the Sambucus Nigra Elder.

Pieris ‘Forest Flame’



Cornus – Dogwood

Fresh Sedum leaves

A rather damp north facing border

Back to the side patio and the flowering Jasmine scrambling through the Fatsia Japonica

Like a couple of bookends, my spring pots on the side patio from another direction.

If you are interests in joining in check out Small blue green flowers where you can find all the details.   Next month, February is ‘monochrome’.

7 thoughts on “Garden Photography Challenge : January – A Winter Garden

  1. I have a very similar climate, weather pattern, so my garden looks quite like your wonderful photos. There is so much water now in the ground that it seeps through the yard and garden on its way to the street.


  2. The new sedum shoots are a lovely sight. It won’t be long!


  3. I love your garden wall too Ronnie, and that lovely brick pathway. You have a lot going on in your winter garden, I am surprised to see the jasmine in bud already. I always thought that was quite a tender plant. I also have some sedum popping up! Thank you for sharing your garden with us and welcome to the garden ‘challenge’ or maybe that should be project 🙂


    1. Thank you. The snails love my walls too, lots of hidy holes for them! I a, amazed at the jasmine, it’s not supposed to flower until June. I look forward to contributing regularly.


      1. Snails not good 😦 I hope the jasmine survives!


  4. I love your garden wall!


    1. Hi, it’s a Victorian wall which surrounds all three sides of the garden.


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