Writing 101 : Day 2 – Write a list

I  didn’t intended to play catch up and write two blog posts in one day.  The thing is you have to strike when inspiration comes your way.

Day 2 is Write a  List, and not being a list writer I hesitated over this prompt.  Those avid list writers will probably have found this easy and steamed ahead.

As I sat here with the radio on, I suddenly heard the announcer talking about lists of foolish things and he started to interview a lady who talked about the dormant things we keep, unable to throw out.   What a coincidence and how fortunate.  I immediately thought about my ‘useful/not so useful things’ aka ‘dumping’ kitchen drawer.  I expect we all have one, this is mine.

Here is my list of some of the dormant artefacts in my kitchen drawer:-

  1. Tea towel and a few dishcloths.
  2. Wooden corkscrew – I do use this frequently.
  3. A selection of batteries, some are loose rolling around in the drawer, I suspect they are used and just not thrown away.
  4. Wooden rolling pin – I’ve not made pastry or smashed biscuit crumbs for years!
  5. A variety of different sized ClipIts – but I can never find the right size when needed.
  6. A battery operated lid remover – very useful, especially as I have arthritic wrists.
  7. A Vacu Wine pump – not used very often  these days with the advent of screw tops.
  8. 4 plastic egg cup poachers – an impulse buy from Lakeland and not very practical.
  9. A little brown leather purse with a broken zip – why am I keeping that!?
  10. Rolls of cling film and tin foil.
  11.  Night lights and candles – in case of a power cut.
  12. Phone charger for a phone that has long gone.
  13. Bodum battery operated whisk.
  14. Packet of masonry nails!
  15. A door key on a blue plastic fob – goodness knows what that belongs to.
  16. A couple of spotlight bulbs.
  17. Finally, but by no means the last thing in the drawer, is a very peculiar rubber thing.  Any sensible and clean ideas would be welcome.  I think it’s for removing lids but can’t remember buying it, and it if did, whatever was I thinking!

4 thoughts on “Writing 101 : Day 2 – Write a list

  1. This did make me smile, and feel good too because you have even more odd objects than I do, which is saying something! Mind you my husband is such a hoarder I have to throw things away to balance things up a bit. Your last picture is definitely a contraption for the getting the lids off things. I know because we have one, and pretty much never use it!


  2. At first I thought it looks like some kind of ice scraper, the blue thing – but the cord has me thrown – is it a cord or is it a hollow pipe?


  3. If you move house you will find a skip bin full of ‘useful’ objects you don’t NEED!


  4. Haha this made me giggle (can’t help you out with your rubber contraption I’m afraid) : /


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