Tulip Bulbs Galore

I cannot resist the temptation of buying bulbs and I am sure you will all identify with that.   I thought I had already bought my full quota for next spring but emails with offers keep dropping into my inbox.   Last week I had an email from the RHS which included a beautiful tulip called “Golden Artist” a Veridiflora tulip with golden orange petals and a green stripe.

Photo courtesy of Crocus
Photo courtesy of Crocus – Golden Artist

Being a savvy shopper I took a look at other websites and found the same bulbs a lot cheaper on Crocus.  http://Www.crocus.co.uk.  Of course whilst there I had to look at the other bulbs, who wouldn’t!

Before I go any further let me stress that I am in no way a bulb expert.  The information about these bulbs is taken from the Crocus website.  I just thought if you were still looking to buy tulips bulbs for the spring you might find it interesting, and I wanted to share my purchases with you.

What I always find useful is suggestion planting, and ‘Golden Artist’ apparently goes well with red tulips.  I quite fancied a tub of bright red tulips so bought ‘Red Impression’, a Darwin Hybrid, which is lipstick coloured with a near black blotch at the base – sounds lovely doesn’t it.  My intention is to plant them in a separate pot next to the pot with ‘Golden Artist’ rather than put them in the same container.

Photograph courtesy of Crocus
Photograph courtesy of Crocus – Red Impression

There are a vast variety of tulips and some I don’t like, such as the Lily type tulip with their spiky petals, but then it’s all a matter of taste and a good thing we don’t always like the same things.

Whilst spring bulbs look good in flowerbeds, I am going to plant all of my tulips in pots.  I already have three pots planted up which include the frilled Parrot tulip in various dark burgundies through to a pale purple/blue.  These are sitting outside my kitchen so when the spring arrives I have lots of lovely colourful flowers to greet me when I step outside.

While browsing through the varieties I came across Fostariana, an early flowering tulip and added ‘Sweetheart’ to my shopping basket.  This is a lemon/yellow with a creamy band around the top, I thought they looked really pretty and would be a good contrast to the other coloured tulips.

Photograph courtesy of Crocus
Photograph courtesy of Crocus – Sweetheart

At this point, as difficult as it was,  I called a halt to my shopping spree and paid for my purchases, which arrived yesterday just a couple of days after placing my order.


This post reads as though I am plugging Crocus, which I am not, they just happen to be the website I bought my bulbs from. As they say on television, there are other websites available.

My next job is to clear out the pots containing summer plants way beyond the best, clean the pots and get planting.  Although it sometimes seem interminable, Winter doesn’t really last that long and I have something to look forward to in the spring.

5 thoughts on “Tulip Bulbs Galore

  1. Hi Ronnie – I always thought that tulips should do better in a cold climate and give more than 1 years flowers. After all daffodils etc keep multiplying. I think for home gardener that they are better i pots as can move into eye level when flowering and enjoy! I had one pot of last years lovely purple prince that flowered again. We really need (here in Auckland) to refrigerate bulbs before planting! I take the easy way out and buy pots already planted from Eden Gardens. $12 for 5. Look up their website. Lovely all seasons garden in middle of Auckland in old quarry that is mainly run by volunteers. A must see for gardeners visiting Auckland. They have a big tulip planting in spring. This year not so good – late and then a huge hailstorm spoilt them. The best ones on public display I have seen is in Rotorua – a lot colder. I also don’t like the striped ones as much. Enjoy!


  2. So totally true, winter does not really last that long. I share your love of bulbs and spring blooms. My belief is that you can never have too much, it is a form of joy.


    1. If I keep buying bulbs I’ll have to buy some more pots because I prefer them in containers for the patio rather than in the flowerbeds which I can’t see easily from the house.


  3. I’m not too sure about the striped one but I love Red Impression, my favourites are the nearly black ones.


    1. There are so many beautiful varieties, today I’ve been ‘tempted’ into buying a lovely combination of Ronaldo and Grand Perfection. Roll on spring!


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